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When you’re away from home, it’s reassuring to know that our Bupa Global Travel team is ready to look after you, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With quality in-house emergency service and decades of global medical expertise standing by, you can focus on enjoying what you're doing  –  whether that’s extreme sports or extreme relaxation.

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We're proud of our decades of experience in comprehensive medical cover

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Our expertly trained Bupa support team will be there to help you every step of the way

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Our global reach & expertise are at your fingertips, from health advice to emergency care

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    Our standard policies cover most lifestyle/sporting activities, including scuba diving, snorkelling, yachting, sailing, jet skiing, rafting, surfing, trekking, bungee jumping, winter sports, rugby and more. For those who are not interested in extreme sports, we cover cruises too.

    We don’t cover training or participation in motorsport shows, races and competitions, base jumping, paragliding, hang-gliding, or rock-climbing / mountaineering that requires climbing equipment. We also don’t cover expeditions, mountaineering or trekking in Antarctica, the North Pole or Greenland.

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    With cover for many pre-existing and chronic medical conditions, we've made every effort to allow you to travel as you want to, protected by our premium medical cover and global medical expertise and support. Just get in touch to find out whether we can cover you.

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    If you’re pregnant, then don’t worry, as we’ll cover your travel up until and including your 8th month (36th week). We also cover children under 2 years old at no additional cost, so we will be here for you and your growing family. And our no-excess policy - on all medical expenses and all but one non-medical expense - extends to each family member that is covered on your policy. 

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    We don’t outsource our customer care to third parties, and our travel insurance is supported by our in-house Bupa experts, so you can rely on our renowned worldwide medical expertise. Our emergency 24-hour support team is available at the touch of a button, and we can speak to you – and the people who may be caring for you in an emergency – in multiple languages. 

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    Our travel insurance plans offer no overall annual maximum* limit on eligible medical expenses, and no excess to pay either. We also offer no excess on all but one of our non-medical expenses. 

    * Some limits apply to some plan benefits. Please refer to the plan guide for details. 

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    This plan is brought to you by Bupa Denmark, filial of Bupa Insurance Limited, England CVR 31602742. Bupa Denmark, filial of Bupa Insurance Limited, England, is authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority (UK) and subject to limited regulation by the Danish Financial Services Authority (Finanstilsynet). This plan is sold and serviced by Bupa Denmark in Denmark.  For more information you can download plan details, exclusions and terms and conditions below.



    War zone


    We only provide cover in IRAQ and AFGHANISTAN if we have pre-approved the risk. Please contact us should you plan to travel to one of these countries.


    Any cover approved will incur an additional premium.

    Pre-existing conditions

    Pre-existing conditions

    A travel insurance policy is designed to cover acute illness and injury that occurs after you've started your trip, so to be covered, it must be unexpected.


    In some instances a chronic and/or pre-existing condition is covered by your travel insurance. We recommend that you send an up-to-date medical report and our application form for pre-existing conditions to Bupa Global Travel and our in-house medical consultants will evaluate if your particular condition is covered.

    Download the application for cover of pre-existing conditions here.





    Expeditions, mountaineering and trekking in Antarctica, the North Pole and Greenland are not covered by the insurance. Please note that we do not cover mountaineering that requires specialised equipment, regardless of destination.


    If you have any doubts please send an itinerary (description of trip) to Bupa Global Travel


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      The Bupa Global Travel myCard app

      With the myCard app, no matter where you are, you always have access to your virtual insurance card and single-touch, in-house emergency support from your smartphone or tablet.

      Reassurance is close at hand.

      • Acts as your virtual insurance card
      • Provides access to treatment with important information for the doctor/hospital
      • Gives you direct contact to our 24-hour in‑house emergency service team
      • Choose from six different languages: Danish, German, English, French, Spanish and Portuguese
      • Quickly access your brochure, policy and claim forms

      The app is exclusively available to Bupa Global Travel customers and can be downloaded for smartphone and tablet devices by clicking one of the links below.

      Bupa Global Travel Customer Service

      Contact us on weekdays between 9am and 5pm (CET)


      +45 70 20 70 48


      Bupa Global Assistance

      Contact Bupa Global Assistance in case of illness and emergency.

      We are at your disposal 24 hours a day.

      Bupa Global Travel insurance customers:

      +45 70 23 24 61


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