Bupa Global Travel Insurance

From 1 July 2021 Bupa Global is no longer selling travel insurance

We are no longer selling travel insurance

From 1 July 2021 Bupa Global is no longer selling travel insurance.

If you have had a Bupa Global Travel product with us previously and need to make a claim on your policy, please download the relevant claim form for your case below. In order for us to evaluate your claim, we kindly ask you to submit the following information:

  • Itemised invoice(s)
  • Payment receipt(s)
  • Fully completed claim form
  • If prescribed medicine has been purchased, a copy of the prescription should be enclosed
  • Medical information
  • If you have an annual travel policy, you should also send us your travel documentation stating the date of departure from and date of return to your country of residence.
  • In connection with baggage claims, PIR report or police report which describes the incident

To submit your claim by email, and any associated questions, the address to be used is the one mentioned below next to your product type.

For swift handling of your claim, please make sure to state your policy number in the subject line of the email/on the documents. Also, it is essential that the claimant, or the person in charge of submitting the claim on behalf of a claimant, provides all necessary documentation.

Please note that for your safety Bupa uses Transport Layer Security (TLS), a security protocol that encrypts email for privacy. TLS prevents unauthorised access of your email when it is in transit over internet connections. However, a secure TLS connection requires that both the sender and recipient use TLS. Most major email providers use TLS, however you may wish to verify this with your provider.

You are welcome to contact us if you wish to submit your claim in an alternative way.

Man sitting in departure lounge - Expatriate Insurance and Corporate Travel

Annual Multi-Trip, Single Trip, Schengen Travel and Business Travel

Please fill in relevant claim form and send to [email protected].

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Årsrejse, Enkeltrejse, Studenterforsikring, Sygeforsikringen ”danmark”

Expatriate Insurance and Corporate Travel

Please fill in relevant claim form and send to [email protected]

Please note that following the closure of our expatriate policy, your employer may have chosen to transfer your insurance to an alternative policy provided by Bupa Global. Please check recent information provided by your company to confirm if this is the case. If you have transferred to an alternative Bupa Global policy, then please visit the following webpage for instructions as to how to proceed: https://www.bupaglobal.com/en/help-support/claims.

Annual Multi-Trip, Single Trip, Schengen Travel and Business Travel

Årsrejse, Enkeltrejse, Studenterforsikring, Sygeforsikringen ”danmark”

Please fill in relevant claim for and send to [email protected].

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Private Medical Insurance

For customers that hold a private medical insurance policy with Bupa Global, you can contact us using the email address [email protected] or via your appointed broker.

Alternatively, if you have been provided with a 12 digit BI policy number, you can administer your account and submit claims online via MembersWorld.


War zone

We only provide cover in AFGHANISTAN, CRIMEA, IRAN, IRAQ, NORTH KOREA, SUDAN, SOUTH SUDAN, SYRIA AND VENEZUELA if we have pre-approved the risk. You must contact us should you plan to travel to one of these countries.

Any cover approved may incur an additional premium.


Expeditions, mountaineering and trekking in Antarctica, the North Pole and Greenland are not covered by the insurance. Please note that we do not cover mountaineering that requires specialised equipment, regardless of destination.

If you have any doubts please send an itinerary (description of trip) to Bupa Global Travel.