A quick guide

Submitting a claim

How to submit a claim, and how our settlement process works.

For pre-authorised treatment, you do not need to complete a claim form. 

On discharge of a patient, and where treatment has been pre-authorised, simply send in your pre-authorisation letter and your invoices. 

When to submit a claim form

Where treatment has not been pre-authorised you will need to complete a claim form. 

Submit this along with the invoices to the address below.

Please note that we cannot guarantee that payment will be made in full when treatment has not been pre-authorised by us.

Bupa Global
Victory House, Trafalgar Place
Brighton, BN1 4FY
United Kingdom

ihi Bupa
Palaegade 8
1261 Copenhagen K

On receipt of the invoice, payment for eligible treatment will be issued within 30 days.

Claims settlement by currency transfer 

We can settle invoices in most tradable currencies. Simply tell us how often you would like your invoices settled (this can be daily, weekly, monthly or at a frequency of your choice), and whether you would like the money transferred directly to the hospital's account.

Download a claim form

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