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About Us

Bupa Global is a leading international private health insurance company.

Our health plans support individuals, families and businesses who are looking for the highest level of cover available from Bupa.

We provide our customers with premium international coverage with a range of exceptional products and services, giving them direct access to world-leading specialists and medical providers, at home or abroad.

Our founders were medical professionals. Their focus on quality care and service still drives all that we do today. Bupa continues to remain free of shareholders, re-investing profits back into our healthcare services around the world. This means our focus is on the needs and care of our customers and it fuels our drive to improve our services and offering access to cutting-edge care.

With over 70 years of medical expertise, we’re dedicated to helping you live longer, healthier, happier lives and making a better world.

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Your partner in health

Better health is at the heart of everything we do.

Our plans are designed to be used, so claiming will not increase premiums; and pre-existing conditions could be covered, subject to underwriting.

We also offer a range of preventive healthcare benefits, looking after the mind as well as the body and offering support with chronic conditions such as asthma or diabetes - enabling you to stay in your best form, as well as supporting you during the times when you need us the most.

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Richness of cover

With Bupa Global your health plan travels with you, providing you with the same level of cover whether at home or abroad. If the treatment you need isn't available where you are, we can evacuate you to a hospital where you can receive the treatment you need.

Our plans provide a truly private health journey with direct access to any recognised private provider, clinic or hospital in the world without having to wait for a GP referral, including in-hospital cover for private rooms at renowned facilities such as London’s Harley Street and Cromwell Hospital.

Here when you need us

Our health insurance products come with a range of inclusive benefits and services, including:


Second Medical Opinion

When you’re facing unexpected health challenges, you want to know that every option has been explored before making any big decisions on your care pathway. That’s why we’ll connect you with leading independent medical experts to provide a full review of your situation, giving you extra reassurance when you need it most.

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Global Virtual Care

We know how important it is to get the healthcare you need, when you need it. In addition to the extensive network of doctors and facilities available on your health plan, Global Virtual Care provides you with on demand access to a team of international doctors 24/7, and in multiple languages, by telephone or video call.

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24-hour medical help

We have a team of advisers, doctors and nurses based around the world, helping us provide a multilingual service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our specialised teams enable easy access to medical professionals, approval of treatment, health advice and evacuation services.

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Mental health support

We believe that your mental health and wellbeing is just as important as your physical health. Our plans include coverage for a range of mental health conditions, from work-related stress, depression, and anxiety to self-inflicted injury, addiction and ADHD, with no waiting periods or lifetime limits, subject to the overall limit of the plan*.

Making a positive impact

Along with our colleagues, clients and customers, Bupa is on a journey to help make a better world. We’re committed to doing all we can, environmentally and in our communities, to make a positive difference. Whether the impact is felt thousands of miles away or on our own doorstep, we’ll never stop working towards a healthier future for all.

Who we are

As part of our aim to improve the health of people and the planet, Bupa’s ambition is to become a Net Zero business by 2040, and we have joined the UN’s Race to Zero campaign.

Alongside sustainability, we also consider broader social aspects such as inclusion and diversity, and employee health and wellbeing. At Bupa, we strive to create an environment which recognises, values and respects the differences we all bring.

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Global Virtual Care and Second Medical Opinion are provided by a third party, Teladoc Health, directly to you. Bupa Global assumes no liability and accepts no responsibility for information provided by this third party, or the performance of the services.

* Our medical underwriting policy for pre-existing medical conditions for new and existing customers remains the same. Existing customers with personal exclusions or premium loadings, as detailed on their membership certificate, will still apply. New customers with pre-existing mental health conditions will be medically underwritten and personal exclusions or premium loadings may apply. On our employer sponsored schemes, no personal exclusions or restrictions shall apply where we have agreed that medical history has been disregarded.