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Our range of health insurance plans

Whatever plan you choose, Bupa Global give you the freedom to choose when a where you are treated, within your area of cover.

Major Medical

Our most affordable international plan with in-patient cover


Our plan for everyday health expenses and serious conditions


Our plan for rich in- and out-patient cover plus wellbeing benefits


Our plan designed for families

HKD 35,000,000 ; Major Medical ; Annual limit
HKD 35,000,000 ; Select ; Annual limit
HKD 39,000,000 ; Premier ; Annual limit
HKD 78,000,000 ; Elite ; Annual limit

The maximum amount we will pay in total for all benefits for each person in each policy year.

Worldwide ; Major Medical ; Coverage
Worldwide excl. U.S. ; Select ; Coverage
Worldwide excl. U.S. ; Premier ; Coverage
Worldwide ; Elite ; Coverage

Select and Premier cover worldwide excluding the U.S.

Major Medical and Elite provide global cover.

Major Medical ; Private hospital accommodation
Select ; Private hospital accommodation
Premier ; Private hospital accommodation
Elite ; Private hospital accommodation

We pay for hospital accommodation, depending on your location and your chosen plan.


Major Medical – Standard private
Select – Standard private
Premier – Standard private
Elite – Standard private

Major Medical ; Operating room, medicines and surgical dressings
Select ; Operating room, medicines and surgical dressings
Premier ; Operating room, medicines and surgical dressings
Elite ; Operating room, medicines and surgical dressings

We pay for costs of the operating and recovery rooms, as well as medicines and dressings used in the operating or recovery room and during your hospital stay.

Major Medical ; Cancer treatment
Select ; Cancer treatment
Premier ; Cancer treatment
Elite ; Cancer treatment

Once it has been diagnosed, we pay fees that are related specifically to planning and carrying out treatment for cancer, This includes tests, diagnostic imaging, consultations and prescribed medicines.

Major Medical ; Mental health
Select ; Mental health
Premier ; Mental health
Elite ; Mental health

Where it is medically necessary, this provides cover to be treated as a day-patient or in-patient, including room, board and treatment costs, related to the psychiatric condition. Limitations apply to Select and Premier plans.

Major Medical ; Rehabilitation
Select ; Rehabilitation
Premier ; Rehabilitation
Elite ; Rehabilitation

We pay costs for rehabilitation, including room, board and a combination of therapies such as physical, occupational and speech therapy after an event such as a stroke.


Major Medical – 45 days
Select – 30 days
Premier – 30 days
Elite – 60 days

Major Medical ; Home nursing
Select ; Home nursing
Premier ; Home nursing
Elite ; Home nursing

We pay for 30 days home nursing by a qualified nurse, to provide medical care in your home following treatment in hospital which is covered under this plan.

Major Medical ; Medical evacuation
Select ; Medical evacuation
Premier ; Medical evacuation
Elite ; Medical evacuation

Reasonable transport costs to the nearest appropriate place of treatment, when the treatment needed is not available nearby.

Major Medical ; Medical repatriation
Select ; Medical repatriation
Premier ; Medical repatriation
Elite ; Medical repatriation

Repatriation gives you the option of returning to your specified country of residence or specified country of nationality, to be treated in familiar surroundings, when the treatment you need is not available nearby.

Major Medical ; Diagnostic tests
Select ; Diagnostic tests
Premier ; Diagnostic tests
Elite ; Diagnostic tests

We pay for diagnostic tests, pathology and radiology when recommended by your specialist to help diagnose or assess your condition when you are in hospital

Major Medical ; Health checks
Select ; Health checks
Premier ; Health checks
Elite ; Health checks

After 10 months cover on the plan, you can keep track of your health with regular health screening and wellness tests.


Select - Up to HKD 8,000

Premier - Up to HKD 10,000

Elite - Up to HKD 11,700

Major Medical ; Out-patient prescribed medicines and dressings
Select ; Out-patient prescribed medicines and dressings
Premier ; Out-patient prescribed medicines and dressings
Elite ; Out-patient prescribed medicines and dressings

Medicines and dressings prescribed by your medical practitioner, required to treat a disease, illness or injury.

Limitations apply to Select, Premier and Elite plans.

Major Medical ; Physiotherapy, osteopathy and more
Select ; Physiotherapy, osteopathy and more
Premier ; Physiotherapy, osteopathy and more
Elite ; Physiotherapy, osteopathy and more

Consultations and treatment from physiotherapists, osteopaths and chiropractors for physical therapies aimed at restoring your normal physical function.

Limitations apply to Premier and Elite plans.

Major Medical ; Vaccinations
Select ; Vaccinations
Premier ; Vaccinations
Elite ; Vaccinations

The following are covered; vaccinations which are recommended as part of the national childhood immunisation programme in the county of residency, human papilloma virus (HPV) vaccination to protect against cervical cancer, influenza (seasonal flue) vaccinations, travel vaccinations, anti-malarial medicines and pneumococcal vaccinations.


Premier - Up to HKD 5,800

Elite - Up to HKD 11,700

Major Medical ; Optical and dental
Select ; Optical and dental
Premier ; Optical and dental
Elite ; Optical and dental

We pay for accident-related dental treatment, and after 6 months, we cover routine treatments like fillings, root canal treatments and tooth extraction. We will also pay for major restorative work such as bridges, crowns, dental implants and dentures.

We also cover prescribed hearing aids, spectacle frames and lenses and contact lenses.

Limitations apply to Premier and Elite plans.

Major Medical ; Maternity cover
Select ; Maternity cover
Premier ; Maternity cover
Elite ; Maternity cover

Pregnancy and childbirth after the mother has been covered on this health plan for 10 months including pregnancy and childbirth complications. Limitations apply to Elite plans.

Major Medical ; Complementary therapies
Select ; Complementary therapies
Premier ; Complementary therapies
Elite ; Complementary therapies

Consultations and treatment with qualified and registered acupuncturists and reflexologists.

Limitations apply to Elite plans

This is a summary of the cover included in these health plans carry some waiting periods, limitations and exclusions. Refer to the membership guide for full details.

Alternatively, if you are looking for long term protection that allows you to change your level of cover as your needs evolve, find out more on our International Health and Hospital Plan.

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