Major Medical
Global Health Plan

Major Medical Health Plan

Access to expert medical treatment when you need it most

Prefer to fund your everyday health expenses yourself, but want the reassurance of global care in the event of a serious condition or illness? Explore the flexibility that comes with our Major Medical Global Health Plan. 

Please keep in mind, before we can start paying for your treatment, there is a mandatory deductible per person, per policy year.

Annual maximum

The maximum value of all claims covered within the policy year.

: HKD 35,000,000

Coverage: Worldwide

For further details on what is and what is not covered, please see our exclusions

The details on this page represent products available in Hong Kong, insured by Bupa Global.

There are deductible options to choose for the plan – no deductible or HKD 31,200 / USD 4,000 or HKD 78,000 / USD 10,000.

This product is a collaboration between two of the most respected names in global healthcare, Bupa Global and Blue Shield Global.

Emergency evacuation

If the care you need isn’t available locally, we’ll get you to a facility that can provide the necessary treatment.

Cancer treatment

If you’re diagnosed with cancer, we will cover your treatment for as long as you are with Bupa.

Emergency treatment

If you’re rushed to hospital and need in hospital treatment, including mental health support, we’ll be there.

Transplant services

With up to HK$5,850,000 cover, you’ll have access to the best care available, from initial surgery through to rehabilitation.

Health plan details

Explore the range of benefits included with the Major Medical Global Health Plan.

In-patient care

For all treatment costs, where you are admitted to hospital

Hospital accommodation, room and board

Standard private room

Paid in full
Personal expenses

Up to HKD 130 / USD 17 per night
Parent accommodation in hospital

Paid in full

Operating room, medicines and surgical dressings

Paid in full
Nursing care

Paid in full
Intensive care

Paid in full
Surgery, including surgeons’ and anaesthetists’ fees

Paid in full
Physicians consultation fees

Paid in full
Pathology, radiology and diagnostic tests

Can include blood tests, ultrasounds and electrocardiograms

Paid in full
Physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists and dieticians

Paid in full
Mental health

Inpatient/ day patient Bupa Global must be notified about any hospitalisation before the 5th night to approve any further treatment

Paid in full

Obesity surgery (waiting period of 24 months)

Paid in full
Prophylactic surgery

Paid in full
Prosthetic devices

Up to HKD 46,800 / USD 6,000 per device

Prosthetic implants and appliances

Paid in full
Reconstructive surgery

Treatment to restore your appearance after and illness, injury or surgery

Paid in full
Accident-related dental treatment

Dental treatment that is required in hospital after a serious accident

Paid in full

Bupa Global must be notified about any hospitalisation before the 5th night to approve any further treatment. All benefits are per policy year unless otherwise specified. Please download the Health Plan Guide for further detail

Pre and post hospitalisation

Cover for care in or outside the home, before and after admission to hospital


Paid in full 

Up to 30 days prior to hospitalisation


Paid in full 

Up to 60 days after hospitalisation

Home Nursing

Paid in full Up to 30 days
Hospice and palliative care

Up to HKD 312,000 / USD 40,000 per lifetime

Rehabilitation (Multidisciplinary rehabilitation)

Please download Health Plan Guide for further details

Paid in full Up to 45 days
Prescribed medicines drugs and dressings

Up to HKD 7,800 / USD 1,000 following in-patient treatment

Durable medical equipment

For example oxygen supplies or wheelchairs

All benefits are per policy year unless otherwise specified. Please download the Health Plan Guide for further detail

In-patient and/or out-patient care

Test and treatment that may or may not require hospitalisation

Advanced imaging

Such as MRI, PET or CT, when recommended by a specialist

Paid in full
Cancer treatment

Paid in full
Transplant services

Up to HKD 5,850,000 / USD 750,000 per condition
Kidney dialysis

Paid in full

Please download the Health Plan Guide for further detail about terms and conditions or exclusions


Transport costs to the nearest appropriate place of treatment

Medical Evacuation

Paid in full
Medical Repatriation

Transport to your specific country of nationality or residence, or the return journey after receiving medical treatment

Paid in full
Living allowance

To cover living cost for the evacuated customer

Up to HKD 1,170 / USD 150 per day up to 10 days

Travel cost for an accompanying person

Paid in full
Travel cost for the transfer of children

In the event of evacation or repatriation

Paid in full
Compassionate visit transport costs

Visit and return

Up to 5 trips per lifetime, HKD 11,700 / USD 1,500 per trip

Compassionate visit living allowance

Up to 10 days, HKD 1,170 / USD 150 per day

Local air ambulance

Paid in full
Local road ambulance

Paid in full
Repatriation of mortal remains

Paid in full

We will only pay if all arrangements are agreed and approved in advance by Bupa Global. All benefits are per policy year unless otherwise specified. Please download the Health Plan Guide for further detail


Administration/registration fees

Advance payments/deposits

Artificial life maintenance

Birth control

Complementary therapists

Conflict and disaster

Convalescence, nursing home and admission for general care, or staying in hospital or other establishment

Cosmetic treatment

Developmental problems

Mechanical or animal donor organs

Epidemics and pandemics


Experimental treatment

Foetal surgery


Genetic testing

Gender issues

Harmful or hazardous use of alcohol, drugs and/or medicines

Health hydros, nature cure clinics etc

Infertility treatment

Maternity and childbirth


Persistent vegetative state (PVS) and neurological damage

Sleep disorders

Stem cells


Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders

Unrecognised medical practitioner, provider and facility

For full details, plus terms and conditions, including waiting periods for certain benefits associated with this health plan, please download the full list of benefits and exclusions.

Download full list of benefits and exclusions

Bupa Global is the sole insurer of this plan.

Bupa Global is a trade name of Bupa, the international health and care company. Bupa is an independent licensee of BCBSA. Bupa Global is not licensed by BCBSA to sell BCBSA co-branded products in Anguilla, Argentina, British Virgin Islands, Canada, Costa Rica, Panama, Uruguay and US Virgin Islands. In Hong Kong, Bupa Global is only licensed to use the Blue Shield marks. Please consult your policy terms and conditions for coverage availability. BCBSA is a national federation of 36 independent, community-based and locally operated member companies. Blue Shield Global is a brand owned by BCBSA. For more information about Bupa Global, visit, and for more information about Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association, visit

This webpage is only applicable to and to be used by persons in Hong Kong. The information on this webpage shall not be construed as an offer to sell or solicitation to buy or provision of any insurance product outside Hong Kong. Bupa Global does not offer or sell any insurance product in any jurisdictions outside Hong Kong in which such offering or sale of the insurance product is illegal under the laws of such jurisdictions.

The above information is intended as a general summary. It is for reference only and is not an offer for subscription of any insurance product. The policy may contain terms and conditions which are not detailed in the above. If there is any discrepancy between the information contained in the above and the terms of the policy, the terms of the policy shall prevail. For exact terms and conditions and details of the policy, waiting period, conditions and exclusions, please visit, or refer to the relevant plan guides or contact Bupa Global. Should there be any inconsistency or conflict between the English and Chinese versions, the English version shall prevail for all purposes.

The plans are insured by Bupa (Asia) Limited and administered by Bupa Global. Bupa Global is a trading name adopted by Bupa (Asia) Limited in relation to its portfolio of International Private Medical Insurance products and services. Bupa (Asia) Limited is authorised and regulated by the Hong Kong Insurance Authority.

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