News & Events 22 Oct 2021

Introducing ‘Private Client by Bupa’ for individual customers (in China, EEA, Hong Kong and the UK)

The changing face of IPMI

For 50 years, Bupa Global has specialised in premium healthcare solutions via our range of health plans. As the needs of our clients grow and change, so has our offering. Our newest service, Private Client by Bupa, offers an exceptional range of cover and benefits, designed to meet the specific needs of ultra high net worth individuals (‘uHNWIs’), as they shift towards prioritising prevention and holistic wellbeing in a post-pandemic world.

Then and now

IPMI has evolved.

Originally created with expats in mind, IPMI products allowed those living overseas to choose to return to their home country for treatment. It provided an end-to-end private healthcare experience for them in their new country of residence, which was often needed as they were not covered by the locally (state) provided system. Customers who travelled frequently, or lived for long periods of time away from home, could take their IPMI policy with them, which domestic PMI plans didn’t traditionally allow for.

This remains the case for many IPMI customers, however at Bupa Global we have seen the needs of our customers change in some markets – particularly for our individual high net worth (‘HNWI’) customers. For many HNWIs, global cover and travel is not the primary driving factor when selecting a healthcare policy. Now, domestic individual customers are seeking cover that gives them access to a richness of benefits. We see this shift reflected in the claim trends of our customers around the world, as a large percentage of customers seek treatment in their home country.

The expectations of what a health plan should deliver has also changed. Of course, our HNWI customers want direct access to private specialists - enjoying a truly private patient journey without the need for referrals. They want access to the world’s best specialists and first-class facilities. However, they don’t just want access to treatment services. They have an appetite for increased personalised service and greater tailoring to individual needs; they want preventive, holistic, wellbeing-led services, with health plans that fit with their lifestyles.

Private Client by Bupa advert with collage of healthcare images surrounding an introduction to PCbB

Private Client by Bupa

Bupa Global’s brand is iconic and here to stay, but we needed to differentiate our premium health proposition with a look and feel that would resonate with HNWI and uHNWI customers and prospects.

Welcome to Private Client by Bupa (opens in new window), defining a new luxury lifecare category in the insurance market.

Private Client by Bupa is a premium service providing expertly curated health and wellbeing plans insured by Bupa Global, bringing them together in one simple package. From our award-winning medical cover at home or abroad provided by Bupa Global; to rich, proactive, preventive wellbeing benefits; to a Global Virtual Care platform giving customers access to video consultations in the comfort of their own home.

What is changing?

Private Client by Bupa has been given its own brand, look and feel.

We have a bespoke web page (opens in new window) dedicated to the proposition. Email communication with customers will feature the bespoke branding, as will our external marketing activity.

You might be familiar with our ‘Private Client’ service team, available through our Ultimate health plan (in certain markets). All features of the service remain the same, however the team have been rebranded to the ‘Lifecare Concierge’ service team.

What does this mean for you?

From a service and contact point of view, nothing changes for our intermediaries - your point of contact at Bupa Global will remain the same.

With the help of our repositioned proposition the target audience for an IPMI policy has been vastly expanded, by anyone who is looking for high-end domestic cover. We believe this gives you an opportunity to open up conversations with clients who may have previously chosen a PMI policy, without realising the potential of an IPMI policy to meet their lifestyle and healthcare needs.

Get in touch

To find out more about ‘Private Client by Bupa’ and our ‘Lifecare Concierge Service’ please speak to your Bupa Global contact.

‘Private Client by Bupa’ is currently available to customers in China, EEA, Hong Kong and the UK.