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Perspectives by Bupa Global

Each quarter, Perspectives by Bupa Global brings you a fresh line-up of experts from across the health, wellbeing and business community. Hosted by Patrick Watt, Commercial Director of Bupa Global, our panelists share their insights and perspectives on some of the biggest themes impacting the healthcare landscape - from the pandemic and beyond.


Catch up with our 7th Perspectives by Bupa Global

Bridging the Gap: The power of age diversity

Getting older is something that unites us all, yet ageing is often overlooked in the Diversity and Inclusion agenda. This event builds the case for inclusive healthcare and where supporting multigenerational workforces sits as a business priority. Patrick Watt (Commercial Director, Bupa Global) was joined in conversation with Dr Luke James (Deputy Group Chief Medical Officer – Bupa Group), Dr Eliza Filby (Social Historian and Generation Expert) and Dr Tatiana Rowson (Academic Social Psychologist and Gerontologist – Henley Business School) who shared some invaluable insights on age diversity. Together they explored how global businesses must recognise not only the need for, but the power of multigenerational workforces - both now and when planning for the future.

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In case you missed it

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Catch-up with our 1st Perspectives by Bupa Global

Exploring our new reality

We are all living in extraordinary times. The coronavirus pandemic has touched every corner of the world, leaving a profound and lasting impact on our lives. As we begin to look to the future, we believe it’s time to explore new opportunities to work together as one global community, to prepare ourselves for what comes next. In our first event Patrick Watt (Commercial Director, Bupa Global) was joined by an expert panel of Bupa’s senior leadership to discuss the latest clinical insights and healthcare innovations that we have been seeing from our global operations.


Catch-up with our 2nd Perspectives by Bupa Global

Wellbeing Reimagined

The coronavirus pandemic has created a revolution in what society expects from its healthcare systems. In this session we explored how people were thinking differently about their own health and wellbeing, and what that means for our industry. Patrick Watt (Commercial Director, Bupa Global) was joined by a panel of leading experts, including Poppy Jaman, OBE (CEO, City Mental Health Alliance) and Brian Heyworth (Executive Director, HSBC).


Catch-up with our 3rd Perspectives

Ready or not: the future of healthcare

It may take years to fully understand the impact that the pandemic has had on our industry, and wider society, but we already know that people expect more from their healthcare. In this session we looked at the technology and innovations that are responding to this changing customer behaviour, and what comes next.

Patrick Watt (Commercial Director, Bupa Global) was joined by expert clinicians from Bupa’s senior leadership team: Dr Luke James (Medical Director, Bupa Global and Bupa UK) and Clare Scully (Director, Clinical Development, Bupa Global) and Dr Bertalan Mesko (Director, The Medical Futurist), together they discussed how the future of healthcare will be more personalised, more accessible, and more inclusive for all.


Catch-up with 4th Perspectives

Healthcare: The case for inclusion

For years the healthcare industry has failed to evolve the benefits we offer to match the diversity of the customers we serve. In this session we found out why, and what needs to change to ensure that people get the treatment they deserve, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, or disability. Patrick Watt (Commercial Director, Bupa Global) was joined by Dame Inga Beale (former CEO, Lloyd’s of London), Tony Wood (UK & Ireland MD, Mercer Marsh Benefits) and Dr Paula Franklin (Chief Medical Officer, Bupa Group) discussed how our industry has a transformative role to play in contributing to a more open, diverse, equal and inclusive society for all.

Events insight (PDF)


Catch up with our 5th Perspectives by Bupa Global

When two pandemics collide: COVID-19 and Obesity

Obesity is one of the biggest health challenges facing the world. More than 650 million people are living with the disease*, with that number rising quickly. Despite this, not only have Governments and industry failed to act, but obese people are openly stigmatised by wider society. The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed the health risks, and inequalities, facing those with obesity, but it has finally provided the motivation to address this global health crisis. As a leading healthcare provider, we believe we must act now before it’s too late. For this Perspectives session Patrick Watt (Commercial Director, Bupa Global) hosted a panel of leading experts including Dr Philip Schauer (Director of Bariatric and Metabolic Institute at Louisiana State University) and Johanna Ralston (CEO, World Obesity Federation). They shared their views on tackling obesity’s social stigma, and the role that business must play to ensure sustainable health for everyone. * (opens in a new window)