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Perspectives by Bupa Global

Each quarter, Perspectives by Bupa Global brings you a fresh line-up of experts from across the health, wellbeing and business community. Hosted by Patrick Watt, Commercial Director of Bupa Global, our panelists share their insights and perspectives on some of the biggest themes impacting the healthcare landscape - from the pandemic and beyond.


Explore our latest Perspective - Healthcare: The case for inclusion

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the disparities that exist among many different groups of people, and the need for greater healthcare equality has never been more relevant. The traditional ‘one size fits all’ approach to health insurance is outdated, as customers demand a more personalised approach which meets their diverse set of needs. For too long, benefits have failed to evolve in recognising elements of health which have historically been seen as taboo or inadvertently discriminated against including race, sexual orientation, disability, mental health, gender or any other distinct category. To explore this topic in more detail we were joined by a panel of market leading voices including Dame Inga Beale, Portfolio Director and Former CEO, Lloyd’s of London and Tony Wood, Senior Partner, UK & Ireland Managing Director Mercer Marsh Benefits who shared their views and personal experiences on why inclusion matters, and the crucial role IPMI healthcare benefits play in creating more diverse workplaces of the future.

In case you missed it

Revisit previous events in the Perspectives by Bupa Global series below.


Perspectives #1 - Exploring our new reality

We are all living in extraordinary times. No matter where you are in the world, coronavirus will have a profound and lasting impact on all our lives as we know it. As the global economy begins its path to recovery, now is the time to find new opportunities to work together as one global community. During our first event we explore latest clinical insights and healthcare innovations that we are seeing from our different operations around the world, as only by learning from each other, we can better prepare for what comes next.


Perspectives #2 - Wellbeing Reimagined

The shared experience of a global health crisis is driving rapid changes to customer attitudes and expectations, as more people than ever reassess what it means to be healthy and well. We were joined at the event, by a panel of internationally renowned thinkers, including Poppy Jaman OBE and Brian Heyworth Executive Director at HSBC, who had an open and honest conversation about what more our industry must do to support customers for what’s to come – with mental health matters included in every aspect of the rebuild.


Perspectives #3 - Ready or not: What healthcare innovations to expect in 2021

The healthcare industry across the world experienced rapid change last year at a pace we’ve never seen before. Whilst it may take a long time to fully understand the implications, this session explored some of the short and long-term innovations we can expect to see in 2021. As new and advanced digital technologies continue to emerge, it was interesting to hear how healthcare will become more personalised to our individual needs, more accessible and more inclusive for all.


Perspectives #4 - Healthcare: The case for inclusion

As customers demand a more personalised approach to meet their diverse set of needs, we explore how benefits have failed to evolve in recognising elements of health which have historically been seen as taboo or inadvertently discriminated against - such as race, sexual orientation and disability. Click here for event insights, including an important reminder of how together, our industry has a transformative role to play in contributing to a more open, diverse, equal and inclusive society for all.

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