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How to arrange treatment
and make a claim

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How to arrange treatment and make a claim

At Bupa Egypt Insurance, we want to make the claiming process as simple and easy to understand as possible. To access all of the documents required to make a claim, contact your customer service centre using the number on your insurance card.

Please get in touch with us

Request prior approval or Submit your claim by contacting us via Email: [email protected] or by calling our dedicated customer service team on our hotline. Phone: inside Egypt 16816, from outside Egypt +20 (2) 2400 3600

Whenever possible, have these details ready when you get in touch:

  • • the date(s) of your appointment or treatment
  • • the name of the hospital or clinic where treatment will take place
  • • details of your condition or symptoms
  • • date symptom(s) started
  • • the type of treatment you will be having (if known)
  • • the name(s) of the medical professional(s) treating you

How to claim and how we pay for treatment

How to make a claim

The quickest way to make a claim is to submit your claim electronically. You have the choice of submitting an online claim or uploading any completed claim form.

Alternatively, you can submit claims via Email: [email protected]

Please note all claim forms should be completed in full (address, diagnosis, treatments, and full bank details sent) also any associated documents as well should be attached with the invoice (prescription, medical reports and invoice breakdowns if available).

The biggest delay to paying a claim is normally incomplete, missing, or inaccurate information, so have ready your diagnosis, clear copies of the invoices showing the treatment you received, the date of the treatment and a breakdown of the costs. If you have already paid for the treatment, we will need to see proof that you have paid - for example a receipt.

We can pay claims directly to the hospital if they permit this.

We aim at finalising your claim within 10 days from claim uploading or claim logging date, providing all information and documents submitted for the claim are completed.

Upon finalising the claim, we will send you an Explanation of Benefits which will explain shortfalls, if any.

If there is missing information, we will contact you to send the information within 21 days. If no information is received, the claim is rejected, and we will be happy to re-process the claim once you send us the missing/complete information.

How we pay prior approval claims

We will pay your hospital or clinic directly if this has been agreed in advance – you don’t need to do anything else.

What happens when treatment is not covered in full

If we are paying a hospital, clinic, or doctor, we will advise them that there has been a shortfall, and they will contact you to arrange settlement.

If you are already a member:

If you are new to us:

  • • use our Contact Us page to find further contact information.