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Bupa Global DAC
(BGDAC) Customer Treatment Policy

  1. 1. Introduction
  2. 2. Principles, Rules, and Procedures
  3. 3. Compliance and Monitoring
  4. 4. Review

1. Introduction

This policy sets out the high-level principles for the fair treatment of customers. It sets minimum standards for good customer outcomes. BGDAC has no appetite for failure to protect its customers from unfair treatment. Complying with this policy will help to ensure that BGDAC is able to accurately monitor our conduct risk profile and act where we are, or are at risk of being, outside appetite.

BGDAC embeds awareness of fair customer outcomes in the organisation by setting the tone from the top, raising awareness, and training our people.

2. Principles, Rules, and Procedures

BGDAC is committed to customer excellence through great service and quality healthcare. We offer international private medical insurance (IPMI), for customers requiring access to quality healthcare internationally, wherever and whenever they need it.

To ensure that BGDAC is treating our customers fairly, there are processes, policies, and controls in place to ensure compliance with the following principles:

  • Fair, diligent, and transparent treatment of all policyholders & insured persons, in respect of their rights.
  • BGDAC’s customer communications are designed to be clear, timely, fair, and not misleading and remain so throughout their lifetime.
  • BGDAC takes all reasonable steps to ensure that sales of our products and services are in the best interests of customers. Reasonable steps are taken to ensure that customers understand the risks and benefits of products and services before they buy them.
  • BGDAC’s new and existing products and services meet the needs of their target market. BGDAC ensures that products and services are developed based on customer needs and that they remain suitable for those who have bought them.
  • BGDAC only sells products and services to customers for whom they are suitable.
  • BGDAC processes personal information for the purposes set out in our privacy notice. We may also process personal information for some legal reasons (these depend on what category of personal information we are processing). We normally process standard personal information if this is necessary to provide the services set out in a contract, it is in our or a third party’s legitimate interests or it is required or allowed by any law that applies. Please see our privacy notice for more information.
  • BGDAC prevents and manages conflicts of interest appropriately.
  • BGDAC ensures fair outcomes for our customers and uses insights from complaints to improve customer outcomes. BGDAC advises our customers of their right to refer their complaint to the the Customer Ombudsman, whose details can be found on our website.
  • BGDAC’s customer service processes are designed in response to the needs of customers. BGDAC ensures that no unreasonable barriers are imposed on customers who wish to cancel, switch their product, make a claim, or make a complaint against BGDAC.
  • BGDAC ensures, on appointment and on an ongoing basis, appropriate qualification of employees, particularly those who deal directly with our customers.

3. Compliance and Monitoring

This policy is circulated to BGDAC employees annually and the principles contained within are reflected in BGDAC’s policies and procedures. Ongoing monitoring of compliance with these policies and procedures has been developed in line with our risk management framework and internal controls system.

4. Review

This policy is reviewed annually by the Head of Customer Services and Complaints and, where there are any changes, approved by the COO.