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Call Me Back App for Ericsson employees

The Bupa Call Me Back app for Ericsson employees is a convenient tool to make it even easier to access Bupa healthcare services in Africa.

Once downloaded, the app gives you 24/7 access to Bupa support for medical access and administration queries, all at the touch of a button. Not only does it save you the need to look for telephone numbers, but it can reduce call charges as well (mobile data charges may apply).

The Ericsson Admin Support team is provided by SwissFin.

How it works

Simply select the type of assistance you need and enter your phone number. 

The Ericsson support team will call you back – often within minutes if you are enquiring about access to health care and within 24 hours for administration queries.

See below for a quick illustration of how simple it is.

Bupa Call Me Back App

  1. Select the type of assistance you need.
  2. Type the phone number you wish to be called on.
  3. Get a confirmation your request was sent and a member of the Ericsson Support Team will call you back. 


Please note the Call Me Back App is not intended for use in acute medical emergencies. 

If you are in an acute medical emergency we recommend you follow the recommended emergency procedure to call + 27 (0) 60 390 4890 and, where necessary, contact local emergency services.

Technical support

If you have any queries or problems with this app, please email us on info@bupa.com.