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¿Involucra a todos los tipos de clientes?
¿Optimiza la solución y beneficios del producto claramente al cliente?
¿Involucra a todos los tipos de clientes?
¿Optimiza la solución y beneficios del producto claramente al cliente?

International health insurance for individuals and families

Alltrust Insurance Global Health Plans offer more freedom and flexibility than most Chinese domestic health insurance plans, with quick access to private medical care and treatment all over the world. The international health insurance plans also allow customers to choose the options that suit their needs, their family’s needs, and their budget.

Explore our comprehensive range of individual health plans, with annual cover limits ranging from $2million USD to Unlimited.

International health insurance for businesses

When you have a business health insurance plan from Alltrust Insurance, the wellbeing of your employees and their families becomes our focus. We take care of the details, so whether your employees work in China or abroad, we can offer them – and their families – quality service and access to private medical care around the world.

The reassurance that this provides can help your employees to feel more valued, engaged and loyal. They may even be better able to focus on work, knowing that their family's health needs are looked after.

Alltrust Insurance’s Global Company Plan offers a range of family focused benefits*, such as newborn care, family doctor visits, vaccinations, and prescribed out-patient drugs and dressings.

*Plans have waiting periods, exclusions and limitations. Please refer to the plan guide for full details.

For more information about the plan or work with us in China, please call +86 (10) 58541666 or email

Alltrust Insurance Co. Ltd (Unified Social Credit Code: 913100007109328220) is the insurer and Bupa Insurance Services Limited and Bupa Consulting (Beijing) Co. Limited trading as Bupa Global, are the administrators of the above international health insurance plans.

Hear what our brokers say about us

In these short videos, some of our brokers explain their experience of working with us, and how our products and service meet the needs of their clients.



Li Xiaojing from Datong talks about how Bupa Global’s premium services in high-end healthcare sector is greatly helpful to their prestige customers.



Wang Peng from Mingya explains why Bupa Global is the most professional and outstanding company in the healthcare industry.



Shaosen Cheng from Zhongheng explains how Bupa Global meets the expectation of their high-end customers in China.