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Getting a good night's sleep is vital to both your mental and physical wellbeing. But, in this fast paced world, it's easy to fall out of a decent sleeping pattern. Not many of us are actually getting the recommended amount of rest we really need each night, which can leave us feeling grouchy and distracted, as well as unlock a whole host of other health problems. But the solutions are surprisingly simple.

Bupa Global has teamed up with The School of Life and world leading expert Richard Wiseman to unlock the secrets of better sleep with easy hints and tips. Whether you simply need help drifting off or even help solving your day-to-day anxieties with more productive sleep, our video series will show you how easy it can be to live a longer, healthier, happier life with just a good nights rest.

Avoiding the blues

In the first of our video series on Sleep, Professor Richard Wiseman explores how something we use every day could be stopping us from getting good sleep. Blue lights from your laptops, phones and tablets can lead to a disruption of your circadian rhythm which, in turn, is often associated with increased risk to diabetes, heart disease and cancer. Join Professor Richard Wiseman as he shows you the simple ways to avoid this problem and get back to better sleep.

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