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Nine of the healthiest restaurants in the world

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Whether travelling for business or pleasure, we increasingly experience destinations via their food offerings. To support your wellbeing, while tickling your tastebuds, we take a look at some of the restaurants leading the way when it comes to healthy eating.

Whether it’s overzealously sampling the local cheese and wine, or one too many sugary cocktails, a jet-setting lifestyle can sometimes impact your health and wellbeing. But there's no need to curb your adventurous spirit – we've picked out some of the most wholesome eateries across the globe, catering to health-conscious locals and tourists alike.

1. Grain Store, London

Celebrated chef Bruno Loubet’s indulgent Kings Cross restaurant is all about innovation and sustainability. Fresh, seasonal vegetables are the stars of the show, alongside a range of fermented, pickled, smoked and sprouting ingredients. Despite its veggie focus, carnivorous diners will find plenty of nutritious meat and fish options to whet their appetites. Grain Store also has a branch at Gatwick Airport's South Terminal, serving locally sourced organic produce to discerning passengers. Perfect to get your travels off to a nourishing start!

2. Café Pinson, Paris

In a city known for its rich cuisine, heavy with red meats, cream, wine, bread, butter and cheese, it might seem like a stretch to dine healthily in Paris. Café Pinson, though, offers a vegetarian respite, with tasty and organic dishes to suit a range of dietary requirements, including vegan and gluten-free. Set in the trendy Marais area of central Paris, this venue offers high-end healthy food, served with both style and comfort.

3. Comptoir 102, Dubai

Comptoir 102 won the What's On award for Favourite Healthy Restaurant in Dubai1, confirming it as one of the best eateries for health-conscious visitors to the United Arab Emirates. With its philosophy of promoting a more conscious and healthy lifestyle, Comptoir 102's delicious offerings are designed to feed both your body and soul. The natural, plant-based menu – particularly well known for its smoothies and juices – is produced using high-quality, organic and locally sourced ingredients.

4. The Little Beet Table, New York City

Located in midtown Manhattan, this Park Avenue restaurant from chef Franklin Becker offers healthy, organic fare. Like Grain Store, you will find meat and fish options on the menu. However, in the chef's own words: "It's very, very vegetable focused2." It's also entirely gluten-free, but you don't have to be wheat intolerant to enjoy a delicious and balanced meal here.

5. M Café, Los Angeles

With locations in West Hollywood, Brentwood and Beverly Hills, M Café is a well-established part of the LA healthy eating scene. The ‘m’ stands for macrobiotics, an approach that promotes eating natural, seasonal whole foods. M Café shuns processed foods, refined sugars, red meat, poultry, eggs and dairy in favour of a menu rich in seafood and plant-based ingredients, including raw food options. Even their more indulgent dessert and patisserie menu boasts a range of ‘free-from’ options.

6. Le Natura, Cancun

With a lush garden courtyard, Le Natura offers peace, tranquillity and healthy eating in the heart of Cancun's tourist area. Famed for its fresh juices, Le Natura also offers a range of salads and healthier takes on Mexican classics, including whole-wheat tortillas. There's also a vegetarian menu for those looking to dine meat-free.

7. The Rug, Beijing

You won't find much authentic Chinese cuisine in this Beijing health food spot located in Chaoyang Park, but it is a popular spot for eco-friendly diners. The Rug's focus is on organic bagels, yoghurt, fresh juices and salads, and a great all-day brunch. For something more authentically Chinese, you could also try Gong de Lin – a Buddhist-style vegetarian restaurant, beloved by veggies and meat-eaters alike, and located just a mile away from Tiananmen Square.

8. Sevva, Hong Kong

Sevva offers high-class dining in Hong Kong, with a menu inspired by the city's own cultural diversity. Their emphasis is on high-quality produce, both local and imported, and fresh, simple and honest good food – including a full vegetarian menu and some beautiful, delicate salads. Of course, you could also enjoy a guilty treat from the decadent dessert menu…

9. Ninja Cut, Singapore

Protein is well and truly on the menu at this chic, Japanese-inspired restaurant. Ninja Cut serves up carb-free bowls of protein-rich goodness and fresh vegetables. Eggs and avocado feature heavily, but you can also opt to add carbs in the form of rice, noodles or quinoa. With meat, veggie and seafood options, there's a wholesome bowl here to satisfy every appetite.


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