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Ultimate global
Health Plan

Ultimate International Health Insurance

Ultimate Global Health Plan Benefits

Wellbeing health checks

We do what we can to help you stay healthy. After 10 months, our team can arrange everything from routine check-ups, to holistic therapies, to genetic tests for cancer.

Our highest level of cover

Claim for the care you need with no overall annual maximum limit. The plan covers two children under 16 per paying parent at no extra cost (subject to underwriting). Plus, after 10 months, you will have access to a rich maternity package.

Extensive global access

You have the freedom to choose where you are treated worldwide, without needing a referral. If the care you need isn’t available locally, we’ll evacuate you to wherever it is. We’ll also provide premium accommodation for your family, so they can be at your side.

Cover for rehabilitation

To help you get better following a serious illness, we cover medically prescribed stays at recognised health resorts.

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