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News and alerts - Zika virus

Zika virus outbreak 

14 October 2016

There is an outbreak of Zika fever, a mosquito-borne viral disease, in Central, South and North America and isolated areas in Asia. See the full list of infected countries.

Around 80% of infected people experience no symptoms. When apparent, Zika virus symptoms are often mild and include fever, rash, headaches, joint and muscle pains, lack of energy and eye soreness or conjunctivitis.

Pregnant women or couples trying to conceive should consider postponing travel to any area where Zika virus is present. If you must travel, talk to your doctor first and strictly follow steps to prevent mosquito bites during your trip. Read more about Zika, pregnancy and pregnancy planning.

There is no specific antiviral treatment or vaccine against Zika. Therefore, anyone travelling to the infected areas is advised to prevent mosquito bites by covering the skin, using treated clothing and applying insect repellents. Please refer to the CDC website for more advice on these precautions and what to pack when planning for travel (pdf).

Any Bupa Global customers affected should call the number given on their insurance card.