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Recommended plans for your country of residence: Hong Kong

Discover Bupa Global

Our range of global health plans are designed for those wanting the best level of cover available within Bupa, and the ability to choose where they receive their care at home, or away.

These are just a few of the things that make us different.


You can rely on us to provide maternity cover for the most important part of your life – your children. Helping to give you peace of mind that they will get the care they need, when they need it. A waiting period applies to this benefit, details can be found in the Plan Guide.

Health Checks

Our health checks can help you keep an eye on your wellbeing. So you’re free to enjoy getting the most out of your life, knowing you have our expert support.


It’s good to know that our health plans can include regular dental, optical and medical health checks. After all, we’re not just here for when you’re ill.


Rest assured that Bupa Global can evacuate you to a hospital where you can receive the treatment you need if it is not available where you are. 

Cancer Treatment

As a Bupa Global customer, we can be there for you, providing access to expert treatment for cancer, as well as ongoing care and support. So, no matter how long it takes, we’ll be by your side before, during and after.

Dental and Optical

It’s good to know that we’re not just here for the big things. We can also offer dental and optical cover, as we understand that your day-to-day needs are every bit as important as having access to the healthcare you need. 

Global health plan range

The details on this page are representative of products available but benefits do vary according to country of residence. To see products and benefits available in your country of residence please get a quote.

Products in this country are a collaboration between two of the most respected names in global healthcare, Bupa Global and Blue Shield Global.

Products including U.S. cover provide access to the largest networks of healthcare providers worldwide, utilising both the BCBS networks in the U.S. and Bupa’s networks outside the U.S.

Largest network of healthcare providers as compared at 26 April 2019 with leading competitor’s data on their websites.

Select Health Plan

Rich cover

Premier Health Plan

Global cover

Elite Global Health Plan

Extensive global cover
2 children under 10 included, subject to underwriting

$23,400,000 ; Select Health Plan ; Annual limit
$39,000,000 ; Premier Health Plan ; Annual limit
$78,000,000 ; Elite Global Health Plan ; Annual limit

The maximum amount we will pay in total for all benefits for each person in each policy year.


Worldwide excl. USA ; Select Health Plan ; Coverage
Worldwide excl. USA ; Premier Health Plan ; Coverage
Worldwide ; Elite Global Health Plan ; Coverage

Select and Premier cover worldwide, excluding the USA.

Elite provide worldwide cover.

Select Health Plan ; Health screenings
Premier Health Plan ; Health screenings
Elite Global Health Plan ; Health screenings

We want to help you protect your health far into the future, so after 10 months, you can choose to have a health screening that meets your needs.


Select - Up to HKD3,100

Premier - Up to HKD5,800

Elite - Up to HKD11,700

Select Health Plan ; Private hospital accommodation
Premier Health Plan ; Private hospital accommodation
Elite Global Health Plan ; Private hospital accommodation

We pay for hospital accommodation, depending on your location and your chosen plan. .

Select - Semi-private

Premier - Private

Elite - Private

Select Health Plan ; Operating room, medicines and surgical dressings
Premier Health Plan ; Operating room, medicines and surgical dressings
Elite Global Health Plan ; Operating room, medicines and surgical dressings

We pay for costs of the operating and recovery rooms, as well as medicines and dressings used in the operating or recovery room and during your hospital stay.

Select Health Plan ; Cancer treatment
Premier Health Plan ; Cancer treatment
Elite Global Health Plan ; Cancer treatment

For as long as you remain our customer, we cover eligible cancer treatment, such as tests, diagnostic imaging, consultations, treatment and prescribed medicines for as long as you need it.

Select Health Plan ; Mental health
Premier Health Plan ; Mental health
Elite Global Health Plan ; Mental health

This provides cover when it's medically necessary to be treated as a psychiatric day-patient or in-patient, including room, board and treatment costs. Limitations apply to Select and Premier plans.

Select Health Plan ; Medical evacuation
Premier Health Plan ; Medical evacuation
Elite Global Health Plan ; Medical evacuation

If the medical treatment you need isn't available locally, we will get you to the nearest facility that can provide it.

Select Health Plan ; Medical repatriation
Premier Health Plan ; Medical repatriation
Elite Global Health Plan ; Medical repatriation

This benefit allows you to return to your specified country of residence or nationality to be treated in familiar surroundings if the treatment you need isn't available nearby.

Select Health Plan ; Physiotherapy, osteopathy and more
Premier Health Plan ; Physiotherapy, osteopathy and more
Elite Global Health Plan ; Physiotherapy, osteopathy and more

Consultations and treatment from physiotherapists, osteopaths and chiropractors for physical therapies aimed at restoring your normal physical function.

Select Health Plan ; Vaccinations
Premier Health Plan ; Vaccinations
Elite Global Health Plan ; Vaccinations

These may include recommended childhood immunisation vaccinations, human papilloma virus (HPV) vaccination to protect against cervical cancer, influenza vaccinations, travel vaccinations, anti-malarial medicines and pneumococcal vaccinations.


Premier - HKD5,800

Elite - HKD11,700

Select Health Plan ; Optical and dental
Premier Health Plan ; Optical and dental
Elite Global Health Plan ; Optical and dental

We pay for accident-related dental treatment, and after 6 months, we cover routine treatments like fillings, root canal treatments, tooth extraction and cleaning. We will also pay for major restorative working such as bridges, crowns, dental implants and dentures.

We also cover prescribed hearing aids, spectacle frames and lenses and contact lenses.

Select Health Plan ; Maternity cover
Premier Health Plan ; Maternity cover
Elite Global Health Plan ; Maternity cover

After 10 months of joining the plan, this covers pregnant mothers for maternity treatment and childbirth.

Select Health Plan ; Complementary therapies
Premier Health Plan ; Complementary therapies
Elite Global Health Plan ; Complementary therapies

Consultations and treatment with qualified and registered acupuncturists and reflexologists.

Bupa Global is a trade name of Bupa, the international health and care company. Bupa is an independent licensee of BCBSA. Bupa Global is not licensed by BCBSA to sell BCBSA co-branded products in Anguilla, Argentina, British Virgin Islands, Canada, Costa Rica, Panama, Uruguay and US Virgin Islands. In Hong Kong, Bupa Global is only licensed to use the Blue Shield marks. Please consult your policy terms and conditions for coverage availability. BCBSA is a national federation of 36 independent, community-based and locally operated member companies. Blue Shield Global is a brand owned by BCBSA. For more information about Bupa Global, visit, and for more information about Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association, visit

Bupa Global is the sole insurer of this plan.

Please be aware that waiting periods and exclusions apply to all global health plans. For further details on what is and what is not covered, please choose a plan.

Levy collection on insurance premium

Starting from 1 January 2018, the Insurance Authority (“IA”) will begin collecting levy on premiums from all insurance policy holders. Download (pdf) to read the details and the impact on Bupa Global customers insured by Bupa (Asia) Limited.

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If you have questions about this plan, or would like help choosing the right level of cover, please get in touch. 

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Only looking for emergency cover? 

The Major Medical Global Health Plan gives you access to emergency global care in the unfortunate event of a serious illness or condition. Ideal if you prefer to fund your own everyday health expenses.

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Bringing simplicity to global healthcare

Discover our range of global health plans. It’s now easier than ever to choose the cover that’s right for you.


Our global health plans at a glance

  • Designed for the globally minded

    We created our comprehensive range to suit the needs of globally minded customers – from regional up to global cover, and supporting you with the outstanding service we’re known for.

  • More than just insurance

    Our global health plans go beyond just insuring you in case of a serious illness or emergency. They include access to a range of wellness benefits that look out for your all-round health too.

  • Clearly segmented benefits

    Our range is tiered, making it simple to choose the cover that suits you. With increasingly higher claim limits, added benefits and coverage as you move from the Select Health Plan up to the Ultimate Global Health Plan.

Customer Acceptance Policy

To help us fulfill our global regulatory requirements; when making an application, we will ask you to provide certain documents in addition to the standard application forms (e.g. Photo I.D., company accounts and utility bill). For more information please speak to one of our sales advisers who can assist you in becoming a Bupa Global customer. Thank you.

Please click to see a list of permitted documents

Want to speak to an adviser?

If you have questions about this plan, or would like help choosing the right level of cover, please get in touch.

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