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News & Events 04 Nov 2021

Submitting a client's claim

We want to help make the claims process for you and your clients as easy as possible.

When submitting claims on behalf of your client please check through the below list to ensure you have provided the correct, and full, information required. This will help avoid a claim being suspended and/or delayed.

Claims can be submitted online via IntermediaryWorld.

  • Clear, readable and unobscured documents (photocopied receipts should not obscure any details, clear handwriting, etc)
  • Symptoms and/or diagnosis
  • Prescription for pharmacy and optical claims
  • Final itemised invoice to include treatment dates, description and cost of each service provided (please note we cannot accept interim or estimate invoices)
  • Complete payment instructions including payment currency
  • Proof of payment for member/group/company paid claims
  • Signature, name and date provided for Medical declaration (section 8 of the claim form)

Please note, additional information may be requested to complete the assessment of your claim.