News & Events 04 Nov 2021

Submitting a client's claim

We want to help make the claims process for you and your clients as easy as possible.

In order for us to efficiently assess your customers’ claims against the correct benefits, going forward we need the following information:

  • Full details, including payment information, for the person we need to pay
  • Invoice/s detailing the full name of the patient, specific treatments, dates and associated costs
  • Diagnosis or the reason for treatment/consultation
  • Details of the patient’s treatment/procedures
  • Any relevant prescriptions for invoices related to prescribed drugs and dressings
  • Proof of payment if the patient has paid for the treatment themselves and are requiring reimbursement

In some situations, it might be necessary to request additional information such as a medical/progress report from the medical provider. All written information must be clear and legible.

Claims can be submitted online via IntermediaryWorld.