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Second Medical Opinion FAQ

Frequently asked questions about our second medical opinion service.

What is this service?

This Second Medical Opinion (SMO) service is valuable for people who want reassurance after receiving an important medical diagnosis or treatment plan. You may feel more comfortable knowing that a team of medical experts has reviewed your case and given you their professional opinion, before you commit to your treatment plan.

Who is this service for

This service is available for all Bupa Global members who want reassurance after receiving an important medical diagnosis or treatment plan.

Who provides this service?

Advance Medical, a Teladoc Health Company (Teladoc) are our third-party partner that manage this service. They are experts in remote healthcare services.

Who are the medical experts providing the service?

Teladoc experts are international medical professionals in disease knowledge. They are the eminent source for information within the medical community because of the importance of their publications, the number of cases they have successfully treated and their prestigious standing at the leading medical centres around the world.

How does it work?

This service is available to you at no extra cost. Once you request an SMO referral, your information will be passed onto Teladoc.

  • • You will be matched with a Physician Case Manager, who will guide you through your case from start to finish
  • • Teladoc will request your medical information and reports to support your SMO case
  • • A Teladoc clinical committee will review your case and select a world class expert who specialises in your condition
  • • You will receive a written report from Teladoc within 10 working days. The report may contain recommendations for treatment, information about known alternative treatment and answers to your specific questions. Your Case Manager will talk you through the report and explain any recommendations and answer your questions

Does receiving this service change what treatment I am covered for?

This service is independent from your Bupa Global Health Plan. Support and advice provided as part of the SMO service does not confirm that any related treatment or additional support which may be discussed would be covered under your Health Plan.

Any information you receive is confidential between you and Teladoc, providers of the service. Your second opinion report is not communicated back to Bupa Global, or other parties in any way.

Will using this service affect my insurance premiums in any way?

No, your premiums will not be affected in any way as a result of using this service. This service is offered at no additional cost.