Pre-Authorisation: A quick guide

This page includes all the information you need to simply and accurately pre-authorise a member's treatment.

Our pre-authorisation process

1. Contact our 24-hour Medical Centre who will confirm eligibility
2. They will issue you with a pre-authorisation letter

Please make sure you have the patient's details to hand including name, date of birth, details of symptoms, diagnosis, procedure and planned admission date.

Treatment can be pre-authorised immediately by calling our Medical Centre, or if you prefer to fax or email your query, we will respond within 24 hours.

Contact Bupa Global
Telephone +44 1273 333911
Fax +44 1273 866301

What treatment needs to be pre-authorised?

You should always pre-authorise the following procedures or treatments:

  • All in-patient or day case treatment
  • All out-patient surgery
  • MRI, CT or PET scans
  • Chemotherapy or
  • radiotherapy treatment
  • If you need to pre-authorise treatment for a member of Bupa Latin America, call the USA Medical Services team on +1 305 275 1500

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