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We've answered the most common questions about our Worldwide Health Options plan here.

If you have a question that we haven't covered, just ask.

Arranging treatment and making a claim

Who is Bupa Worldwide Health Options for?

This plan is for expatriates as well as local nationals (where local regulations permit). It is suitable for individuals, couples or families.

How do I choose which options are right for me?

The options you choose to add to your core medical insurance cover will depend on a number of factors.

Personal considerations include your age and general state of health, your job and leisure activities, whether you're living abroad by yourself or with your family, and how you normally manage your health and wellbeing when you're at home. For example, if you like to take a proactive approach to your health, you might consider buying the Worldwide Wellbeing option to ensure that you're covered for a range of health screenings, vaccinations and dental and optical treatment.

External factors include where you'll be living and what the prevailing health issues and facilities are like there. For example, if you will be somewhere remote or with a fairly basic health service, you may wish to consider adding Worldwide Evacuation cover to your plan, to ensure you can get to a hospital or clinic that provides the appropriate medical treatment when you need it.

Read through the details of the options and think about how they apply to your situation. We have produced lots of useful health information to help you, including expat guides and health factsheets.

If you need help understanding the options, you can give us a call to talk it through on +44 (0) 1273 718 306.

What are deductibles and how do they work

A deductible is an amount you can opt to pay towards covered expenses before we will start paying for your treatment. Deductibles are an optional addition on this plan and can help make your plan more affordable by reducing your subscriptions.

You can choose to add a deductible to your Worldwide Medical Insurance core cover and the level of that deductible. If you do this, a deductible will also apply to Worldwide Medical Plus and Worldwide Medicines and Equipment if you include those options in your plan. The deductibles for these two options are fixed, no matter what level of deductible you choose for your core insurance. Deductibles do not apply to Worldwide Wellbeing, Worldwide Evacuation or USA Cover.

There is a more detailed explanation of how deductibles work on the Worldwide Health Options product page, or you can call us to talk it through on +44 (0) 1273 718 306.

What's not included in the cover available on this plan?

The treatments and conditions included in your cover will depend on the options you buy. There is an overview on the individual core cover and options pages on this website, and details of general exclusions for the plan as a whole on the Exclusions section of the product page.

You can also find complete details of the benefits and exclusions of the plan in the membership pack

Arranging treatment and making a claim

Where can I be treated?

What is the process for getting treatment and making a claim?

It's easy to arrange and claim for your treatment, and our multilingual Medical Centre team is available 24 hours a day to support you through the process.

We offer a prior approval service which means that you can go ahead and have your treatment knowing whether it's covered by your plan and, in most cases, that we'll settle the bill directly with your treatment provider.

When you do need to make a claim, the process is easy too. With Worldwide Health Options you can claim online or upload a completed claim form via MembersWorld, or print and send us your claim form if you prefer. We aim to process claims within 10 days of receiving them, with payment following up to three working days later. MembersWorld also allows you to track the progress of your claim (except with USA claims, as we use another provider there) and manage your plan online.

Is there a limit for the cost of treatment I may receive?

There is an overview of the benefit limits of this plan on the core cover and cover options pages of this website and further details in the membership pack

We only pay costs when the charges made by the provider of services are reasonable and customary. By this we mean that the charges are the same as those made to our members by the majority of other service providers in the same country; and also that they are not more than the provider would normally charge.

Other benefits and services

Can I manage my plan online?

Yes, as a Bupa Global member with a Worldwide Health Options plan you will have access to our MembersWorld website where you can manage your plan and get access to useful information wherever you are, including:

  • view your policy
  • update your personal details
  • make claims online
  • track the progress of your claims*
  • search our international hospital directorydownload useful documents
  • talk to us online using our free webchat service 

*MembersWorld may not track claims in the USA as we use a third party there

What is the Second Medical Opinion service

The Second medical opinion service is available to all Bupa Global members seeking information that will give you confidence in your medical diagnosis and treatment plan. The service is free to members and enables you to:

  • access the expertise and opinions of the most relevant experts for your specific situation, without needing to travelget answers to your direct medical questions
  • receive a written medical report in just a few days
  • be supported by a team of doctors who oversee every aspect of the Second medical opinion service
Find out more with our Second medical opinion service guide

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