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We’re Bupa Global, the international arm of Bupa, providing premium medical insurance plans with international cover, tailoring our products to suit the needs of individuals, families and retirees in Hong Kong. Our plans are designed for those wanting the highest level of cover available within Bupa.

Our International Health and Hospital Plan provides direct access to the medical care you need, across the world, without the need for a referral.

Your health, your cover

Your plan is all about flexibility. It covers essential hospital treatments and can be tailored to your needs by adding optional modules. You can also add deductibles to reduce your premium.

You can choose to take out your plan with or without a deductible, in any of the three currencies – EUR, GBP or USD.

Core hospital plan

Overall annual maximum per person, each policy year

EUR 3,600,000/GBP 3,000,000/USD 4,400,000

Cancer and major illnesses
Including tests, treatment, medication while in hospital, pre-examinations, check-ups, home nursing, hospice care, rehabilitation and more.
Global coverage
Visit our recognised hospitals all over the world . We can pay upfront at 1.6 million healthcare facilities worldwide for all inpatient treatments.
Pre-existing conditions
May be considered for cover many chronic, congenital and hereditary conditions (subject to underwriting).
Level premiums
Premiums do not increase with age after you turn 60, however they adjust with inflation and other factors. It applies to those who joined before 60.

Optional modules


Optional cover for consultations with doctors, specialists and therapists, as well as annual health check-ups.

Medicine and appliances

Optional cover for prescribed medicines, hearing aids, and medical appliances.

Medical evacuation and repatriation

In case of a serious illness or injury, option to be medically evacuated if it’s not possible to receive the appropriate quality of treatment locally.

Dental and optical

Two options which can cover routine and special dental treatment (Waiting periods apply to some benefits), as well as glasses, contact lenses and eye checks from opticians and optometrists.

For full details, plus terms and conditions, including waiting periods for certain benefits associated with this health plan, please download the full list of benefits and exclusions.

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