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Business Travel insurance FAQs

What is driving the decision to exit the Bupa Global Travel market?

Bupa Global’s long-term strategy remains centred on growth in our core health insurance category, where we believe we can add most value. To ensure we can continue to deliver an even better experience for our customers, we have made the decision to exit the global travel insurance market to focus our efforts and resources on strengthening our presence within the international health insurance market.

When do the changes come into effect?

From 1 July 2021, we will stop any new sales of Business Travel policies.

Do the changes apply to the renewal of our policy?

From 1 September 2021, we will no longer renew any existing Business Travel policies. You will receive a letter stating that your policy will come to an end at your next renewal date after 31 August 2021. Should you require travel cover after this point, you will need to contact a different provider or speak to your appointed intermediary.

What is my responsibility as a Group Secretary / group contact person?

You must inform all persons covered under your Business Travel insurance that the policy will not renew with Bupa Global Travel.

Can we make changes to our existing policy?

Yes, you can make changes to your policy up until your policy renewal date. This also includes changes to already registered trips as per the standard terms and conditions.

Can we continue to travel up until the end date of our travel insurance?

Yes, you can continue to enjoy the same quality service and benefits up to and including the day your travel policy ends.

Does this change affect any persons travelling?

No, as long as the person is travelling within the active policy dates, they will be covered in line with the terms and conditions of the policy. However, we will not be able to place any guarantees of payment which exceed the end date of the policy.

Can we still claim after our cover has ended?

Yes, as outlined in the policy terms and conditions, and as long as the claiming incident happened before the policy end date.

Will our day-to-day contacts remain the same during the run-off?

Yes, your contacts details will remain the same.

How will claims be handled during the run-off?

There will be no change to how claims are handled in the run-off, and we will continue to provide the same high level of service that you always expect from us.

What happens to customer data? How long will records be kept for?

We will keep customer records for as long as it is reasonable to ensure that we have met the obligations we have to our customers and by law. This means that we will normally keep customer records for up to 10 years after the policy has lapsed. This is in order to settle any claims that the customer may have under their policy, which have not already been time-barred.

What happens to unused travel days bought within the current valid insurance period?

We continue to encourage customers to only buy travel days which they expect to utilise within the insurance period. Should you have any unused days left at the end of your insurance period, please get in touch with your Bupa Global point of contact.

Can we terminate our policy with immediate effect and get a premium refund?

No, you may only terminate your policy in accordance with the policy conditions.

Can we continue to buy extra days to our policy?

Yes, you can buy extra days within your current insurance period. Please contact us to discuss your options.

What is the maximum length of travel on a Business Travel policy?

Our business trip insurance allows you to register a trip up to 365 days.

Where does the Business Travel insurance provide cover?

We cover almost anywhere in the world including the U.S., except in the insured’s country of residence. However, we only provide cover in Iraq and Afghanistan if we have pre-approved the risk. Any cover approved will incur an additional premium (i.e. cost more). Travelling to sanctioned countries (Iran, North Korea, Sudan, South Sudan and Syria) also requires pre-approval. Please contact us if you plan to travel to one of these countries.

What is a non-medical travel insurance add-on?

The Non-medical cover is an add-on to the Medical cover, which is for flight delays, luggage delays, theft, personal liability, missed flight connections, security and legal assistance, personal accident, death and disability.

Will Bupa Global Business Travel cover for leisure trips?

This will depend on the cover your company chooses. The insurance can cover the following trips:

  • • business trips
  • • leisure trips
  • • combined business and leisure trips

Does the Business Travel insurance cover within the insured’s country of residence?

No, our Business Travel insurance does not offer cover in the insured’s country of residence.

Are pre-existing conditions covered on the Business Travel insurance?

If one of your employees suffer from a pre-existing condition before the beginning of the trip, and if the condition has been stable for the last six months prior to each departure, it is covered.

If in doubt, we recommend getting a pre-evaluation of the medical condition in question.

We ask that the insured send us an up-to-date medical report and our application form for pre-existing conditions. Our in-house medical consultants will then determine whether your particular condition is covered or not.

Download the application for cover of pre-existing conditions - residents in the United Kingdom, Mexico, Jersey, Guernsey, Falkland Islands, Isle of Man or Gibraltar (pdf)

Download the application for cover of pre-existing conditions - residents in all other countries (pdf)

Do I have to declare a medical condition?

If there have been no changes in the past 6 months, including changes to your medications you do not have to declare the medical condition. If in doubt, we recommend getting a pre-evaluation of the medical condition in question.

Download the application for cover of pre-existing conditions - residents in the United Kingdom, Mexico, Jersey, Guernsey, Falkland Islands, Isle of Man or Gibraltar (pdf)

Download the application for cover of pre-existing conditions - residents in all other countries (pdf)

How do I administer the policy?

When you take out an insurance with us you will receive personal log-in credentials to our Trip Registration tool which is both easy and flexible to use. On this site you will be able to:

  • • Register trips (before departure date, only name and travel dates are mandatory to insert)
  • • Manage the company travel days
  • • Track days purchased, used, and days left
  • • Modify and cancel trips
  • • Download confirmation letters including insurance card, designed to meet Visa requirements

How does the employee get access to information about the policy?

We have our Bupa Global Travel myCard App - for smartphone and tablet, which provide your employees with a virtual insurance card with cover overview. The advantages of the app include:

  • • 6 different user languages (English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, French, Danish)
  • • A request for pre-authorisation for emergency treatment can be translated into 53 worldwide languages
  • • Call Bupa Global Assistance directly
  • • Download documents

How is the premium calculated?

The daily premium is based on the total number of travel days purchased in the beginning of the policy year. We can offer you a discount on the daily premium if you decide to buy more than 400 days. The minimum number of travel days required is 200 per year, in total for all your employees.

What if adjustment of travel days is needed during the insurance year?

If you need to buy additional travel days during the policy year, the premium per day will be the same as initially agreed when taking out the insurance.

What if the company do not use all the travel days?

If you buy more than 200 days per insurance year but have not used them all at the end of the insurance year, you may be eligible to transfer your unused days for the next insurance year upon renewal. However, the first 200 days bought in each insurance year are never transferable, and transferred days have to be used within the following insurance year, as they are not transferable again.

Can I decide where to receive medical treatment while travelling?

Yes, you can choose any recognised hospital or treatment facility*, but in order to be guided to your nearest appropriate facility during travel, we recommend that you call our 24-hour medical team,who will help you with this and other medical assistance you may need during travel.

*We are unable to cover the treatment costs for a small number of providers. Please check this list, as it is regularly updated.

Bupa Global Assistance

Contact us 24/7 on :

+45 70 23 24 61


How does the insurance work in case of hospitalisation/out-patient treatment?

Hospitalisation - Emergency situations

In case of hospitalisation, Bupa Global Travel must be notified immediately. Our 24-hour emergency service, Bupa Global Assistance, will provide a guarantee of payment to the hospital and settle the bills directly.

Bupa Global Assistance

We are at your disposal 24 hours a day.

+45 70 232461


Out-patient treatment – claiming process

Expenses for out-patient treatment, for instance consultations at a doctor or a specialist and prescribed medicines, are paid by the insured directly to the provider and reimbursed by Bupa Global Travel according to the policy conditions upon receipt of a claim submitted on-line.


How can I contact Bupa Global Travel?

You can contact Bupa Global Travel on weekdays between 9am-4pm (CET) on the following details:

Bupa Global Travel

+45 70 23 24 06