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International Schools Plan

Our International Schools Plan has been designed with you in mind. As a member of a recognised international school council, your school is eligible for a discount of 25% off our standard Company plan and includes 60 days of emergency U.S. cover.

We offer four levels of cover: Gold Superior, Gold, Classic and Essential.

Whichever you choose, each level provides cover for your cancer treatment, inpatient and day-case treatment plus 60 days emergency cover for the U.S.

Depending on the size of your organisation, we can also provide options to:

  • disregards previous medical history (if over 10 employees)
  • build a plan to fit the exact medical insurance needs of your organisation (if over 100 employees)

Please note that a minimum of three employees are required for your eligible organisation to apply for the International Schools Plan.

For full details of the rules and benefits, including any limits of the International Schools Plan, please refer to the Membership Guide


  • Full cover for cancer, in-patient and day-patient treatment plus 60 days emergency cover for the U.S.
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The benefits of Essential, plus:

  • cover for out-patient treatment, including wellness tests, consultations, therapists and complementary
  • medicine practitioners
  • maternity cover
  • dental option
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The benefits of Classic, plus:

  • cover for out-patient treatment
  • cover for family doctor treatment, prescribed drugs and accident-related dental treatment
  • increased vaccination limits
  • maternity cover (with enhanced limits)
  • dental option
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Gold Superior

The benefits of Gold, plus:

  • unlimited cover for family doctor treatment, and prescribed out-patient drugs and dressings
  • cover for full health assessments
  • increased vaccination limits
  • maternity cover (with enhanced limits)
  • dental and optical option
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The benefits

Our International Schools Plan offers all the benefits of our Company cover, and in addition provides:

  • 60 days of emergency U.S. cover
  • 25% discount off our standard Company plan

Which schools can use this plan?

The International Schools Plan is available exclusively to schools that belong to the organisations listed in the table below.


Full name

AISA Academy for International School Heads
AAIE Association for the Advancement of International Education
 Association of American Schools in Central America
 AASSA  Association of American Schools in South America
 Association of British Schools in Chile
 ACAMIS  Association of China and Mongolia International Schools
 ACESA Association of Cambridge Educators in Southern Africa
 ACPET  Australian Council for Private Education and Training
 ACSI  Association of Christian Schools International
 Association of Cambridge School in New Zealand Inc
 Association of German International Schools
 Association of International Malaysian Schools
 AISA Association of International Schools in Africa
 ASEICA  Association pour le soutien de l'Education Internationale sur la Côte d'Azur
Association of American Schools in the Republic of Mexico
 BEPS  Brussels English Primary Schools
 BESA  British Educational Suppliers Association
 BSA  British Schools of America
 BSME  British Schools in the Middle East
 CEESA  Central and Eastern European Schools Association
 CFBT  CfBT Education Trust
 CIS  Council of International Schools
 CISTA  Council for International Schools in the Americas
 CITA  Commission of International and Trans-Regional Accreditation
 COBIS  Council of British International Schools
 DIPS  Dutch International Primary Schools
 DOD  Department of Defence (US) Schools
 EAABIS  East Asian Association of British International Schools
 EARCOS  East Asia Regional Council of Overseas Schools
 ECIS  European Council of International Schools
 ELSA  English Language Schools Association in France
 EP  European Platform for Dutch Education
 ESF  English Schools Foundation, Hong Kong
 ESOL  Educational Services Overseas Limited
 ESSARP  English Speaking Scholastic Association of the River Plate
 FOBISSEA  Federation of British International Schools in South and East Asia
 GEMS  Global Educational Management Services
 GIF  Global Indian Foundation
 HKPPA  Hong Kong Preschool Playgroups Association
 HMC  Head Masters Conference
 IAMSCU  International Association of Methodist Schools, Collegs, and Universities
 IAPS  Incorporated Association or Preparatory Schools
 IBO  International Baccalaureate Organisation
 IEA  International Education Agency of Papua New Guinea
 IMC  International Montessori Council
 ISA  International Schools Association
 ISAT  International Schools Association of Thailand
 ISAZ  International Schools Assocaition of Zambia
 ISG  International Schools Group
 ISS  International Schools Service
 JCIS  Japan Council of International Schools
 LAHC  Latin American Heads Conference
 MAIS  Mediterranean Association of International Schools
 MERITAS  Meritas
 MRISA  Mekong River InternationalSchools Association
 MSACS  Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools
 NAAS  Northwest Association of Accredited Schools
 NABSS  National Association of British Schools in Spain
 NAIS  National Association of Independent Schools
 NCA  North Central Association
 NEASC  New England Association of Schools and Colleges
 NESA  Near East South Asia Council of International Schools
 NICS  Network of International Christian Schools
 NORDANGLIA  Nord Anglia Education plc
 QSI  Quality Schools International
 RISA  Rome International Schools Association
 ROUND SQUARE  Round Square
 SABIS  The SABIS School Network
 SACS  Southern Assocation of Colleges and Schools Council on Accreditation and School Improvement
 SCE  Service Children's Education
 SEBIQ  Society of IB World Schools of Quebec and French Speaking World
 SEC  Supreme Education Council
 SEK  San Estanislao de Kostka
 SGIS  Swiss Group of International Schools
 SHELL  Fieldwork Education Services
 TAALEEM  Taaleem
 TAIP  Tokyo Assocation of International Preschools
 TAISI  The Association of International Schools of India
 TRI  Tri Association (South America, US)
 WASC  The Western Association of Schools and Colleges
 WES  Worldwwide Education Service
Yew Chung Education Foundation

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