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Company Gold

Company Gold provides all the benefits of the Classic level of cover, and in addition, offers enhanced coverage including family doctor visits, accident-related dental treatment, prescribed drugs and dressings plus increased out-patient treatment limits.

This comprehensive plan brings reassurance to your employees and their families that they have cover that will help them access the right treatment, at the right time.

Annual maximum coverage of GBP 1,200,000 / USD 2,000,000 /EUR 1,500,000

This product is a result of the collaboration between two of the most respected names in global healthcare, Bupa Global and Blue Cross Blue Shield Global.

Gold includes cover for:

  • outpatient treatment (with higher limits than Classic)
  • family doctor treatment
  • prescribed drugs and dressings
  • accident-related dental treatment
  • wellness tests
  • vaccinations
  • maternity
  • inpatient and day-case treatment
  • cancer treatment
  • local air and road ambulance
  • 28 days emergency cover for the USA


  • optional Assistance (evacuation and repatriation) cover
  • optional dental cover
  • optional USA cover
  • To learn more, and for full details of the rules and benefits, including any limits of the Company plan, refer to the Company Membership Guide.

    Detailed list of benefits

    Out-patient treatments

    Out-patient surgical operations

    This is surgery that requires you to stay in a bed in a hospital or a clinic during a single day and not overnight.

    Out-patient surgical operations are paid in full.

    Wellness - mammogram, pap smear test, prostate cancer screening or colon cancer screening

    Mammogram: routine imaging of the breasts to check for abnormalities. Pap smear test: also known as the pap test, cervical smear or smear test, is a gynaecological screening test to check for pre-cancerous changes in cells taken from the cervix. Prostate cancer screening: this can take the form of a physical exam or a blood test and attempts to identify the presence of prostate cancer.

    We pay up to GBP 600 / USD 1,000 / EUR 750 each membership year, after one year's membership.

    Consultants' fees for consultations

    The charges made by a consultant, physician, surgeon or anaesthetist following treatment provided to you.

    These are paid in full

    Pathology, X-rays and diagnostic tests

    Pathology is the study and diagnosis of illness through the study of bodily fluids, tissues and organs. Common examples are blood tests and skin biopsies. X-rays are used in radiography to generate images of the body’s structures to aid diagnosis. Diagnostic tests can take various forms, but for example include cardiovascular stress tests, electrocardiograms (ECGs) and spirometry (lung function tests).

    Pathology, X-rays and diagnostic tests are paid in full.

    Costs for treatment by therapists and complementary medicine practitioners

    Therapists: these can include occupational therapists, orthoptists, dieticians and speech therapists. They must be legally qualified to practice in the country where treatment is received. Complementary medicine practitioners: these can include acupuncturists, homeopaths and Chinese medicine practitioners. They must be legally qualified to practice in the country where treatment is received.

    We pay in full for up to 40 visits each membership year.

    Consultants' and psychologists fees for psychiatric treatment

    Psychiatric treatment is the treatment of mental health conditions. Fees are the charges made by the consultants and psychologists for the treatment they provide.

    This is available after two years’ membership. We pay in full for up to 30 visits each membership year.


    Vaccinations and immunisations provide immunity to disease and can often be carried out by your family doctor. Examples are: - travel vaccinations - malaria tablets - pneumococcal vaccinations - vaccinations to aid the prevention of cancer, such as human papilloma virus (HPV)

    We pay up to GBP 180 / USD 300 / EUR 200 each membership year.

    Costs for treatment by a family doctor

    A family doctor is a person who is legally qualified in medical practice and is licensed to practice medicine in the country where treatment is being received. Depending on where you are in the world, your family doctor will likely operate from a local practice or clinic and may ask to be paid at the time of treatment. You can then claim back your expenses from Bupa Global.

    We pay in full for up to 20 visits each membership year

    Prescribed drugs and dressings

    We pay for the cost of drugs and dressings prescribed for you by your medical practitioner required to treat a disease, illness or injury, for eligible treatment.

    We pay up to GBP 1,200 / USD 2,000 / EUR 1,500 each membership year

    Accident-related dental treatment

    We define this as the treatment of a sound natural tooth due to dental trauma caused by accident or injury. Dental treatment that falls outside of this definition is not covered (unless specifically stated) by your policy.

    We pay up to GBP 480 / USD 815 / EUR 600 each membership year

    In-patient treatment

    Hospital accommodation

    The charges that relate to your accommodation as an inpatient. This includes the costs of occupying the hospital’s standard single room with bathroom (en-suite) and also includes your own meals and refreshments.

    Hospital accommodation is paid in full.

    Surgical operations, including pre- and post-operative care

    A surgical operation is a medical procedure involving an incision into the body. Pre and post-operative care are the medical services you may require immediately before and after surgery; see ‘nursing care, drugs and surgical dressings’ below.

    Surgical operations, including pre and post-operative care are paid in full

    Nursing care, drugs and surgical dressings

    Nursing care are the general services such as drug provision and wound care provided to you by nursing staff, often immediately before and after surgery and during your recovery.

    Nursing care, drugs and surgical dressings are paid in full.

    Physicians fees

    The charges made by your physician, consultant or doctor for non-surgical treatment provided during your stay in hospital. For example, the treatment of pneumonia.

    Physicians fees are paid in full.

    Theatre charges

    Theatre charges are costs relating to your surgery. These could include drugs and dressings, equipment and fees for the use of the actual theatre room.

    Paid in full

    Intensive Care, intensive therapy, coronary care and high dependency unit

    Intensive care is a suite of high dependency medical support services that are provided when someone is critically ill. These services are provided in intensive care units, intensive therapy units, high dependency units or cardiac care units.

    Paid in full.

    Pathology, X-rays, diagnostic tests and therapies

    Pathology is the study and diagnosis of illness through the study of bodily fluids, tissues and organs. Common examples are blood tests and skin biopsies. X-rays are used in radiography to generate images of the body’s structures to aid diagnosis. Diagnostic tests can take various forms, but for example include cardiovascular stress tests, electrocardiograms (ECGs) and spirometry (lung function tests).

    Pathology, X-rays, diagnostic tests and therapies are paid in full.

    Prosthetic implants and appliances

    A prosthetic implant or appliance is an artificial body part which is designed to form a permanent part of your body and is surgically implanted. Examples are artificial heart valves, replacement lens or cornea of the eye and devices to remove excess fluid from the brain.

    Prosthetic implants and appliances are paid in full.

    Parent accommodation

    Room and board costs for a parent staying in hospital with their child when the costs are for one parent or legal guardian only, you are staying with a child up to 18 years old and the child is insured and receiving treatment that is covered.

    Parent accommodation is paid in full.

    Psychiatric treatment

    The treatment of mental health conditions via a variety of techniques including therapy, the prescription of drugs and pathology. We pay for a total of 90 days’ psychiatric treatment in hospital during your lifetime.

    This is available after two years’ membership. We pay for a total of 90 days’ psychiatric treatment in hospital during your lifetime.

    Further benefits

    Advanced imaging

    Examples are: magnetic resonance imaging, computed tomography and positron emission tomography. These are modern imaging techniques that allow medical professionals invaluable and detailed views of the body’s structure and function.

    Advanced imaging costs are paid in full.

    Cancer treatment

    If cancer is diagnosed, we pay fees that are related specifically to planning and carrying out treatment for cancer. Typical treatments include surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy and pathology.

    Cancer treatments are paid in full.

    Healthline services

    A selection of services available to all of our members. As a Bupa Global member, you can call our Medical Centre at any time of the day or night and speak to medically trained people who understand your situation and can give you the healthcare advice, support and assistance you need. We also have a team of expertly trained people ready to help with any general enquiries you may have. Our people come from many different cultures so, wherever in the world you may be, you can be sure of help from someone who can speak to you in your language.

    This is a telephone advice line which offers help 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and any time when you need it.

    The following are some of the services that may be offered by telephone:

    - general medical information from a health professional

    - medical referrals to a physician or hospital

    - medical service referral

    - inoculation and visa requirement information

    - emergency message transmission

    - interpreter and embassy referral

    Note: treatment arranged through this service may not be covered under your plan. Please check your cover before proceeding.

    HIV/AIDS drug therapy including ART

    The treatment of HIV/AIDS through planned drug therapy and Antiretroviral Therapy (ART).

    This is available after five years’ membership. We pay up to GBP 12,000 / USD 20,000 / EUR 15,000 each membership year.

    Home nursing after inpatient treatment

    Home nursing is care provided immediately following a stay in hospital by a qualified nurse in your home.

    We pay up to GBP 120 / USD 200 / EUR 150 each day up to a maximum of 20 days each membership year.

    Hospice and palliative care

    When treatment can no longer be expected to cure your condition, we pay for your physical, psychological, social and spiritual care as well as hospital or hospice accommodation, nursing care and prescribed drugs.

    We pay up to GBP 24,000 / USD 41,000 / EUR 30,000 maximum benefit for the whole of your membership.

    Inpatient cash benefit

    This is a cash payment made to you (instead of any other benefit) for each night you receive eligible inpatient treatment without charge. For example, if you received treatment at no charge from the National Health Service (NHS) in the UK. Please note that this benefit is not payable when related to normal pregnancy treatment.

    We pay GBP 90 / USD 150 / EUR 110 each night up to 20 nights each membership year.

    Local air ambulance

    We pay for you to be transported by local air ambulance (typically a medically-equipped and staffed helicopter or plane) when medically necessary.

    We pay GBP 5,900 / USD 10,000 / EUR 7,400 each membership year.

    Local road ambulance

    We pay for medically necessary travel by local road ambulance (a medically-equipped and staffed vehicle) when related to eligible day-case or inpatient treatment.

    Local road ambulance costs are paid in full

    Maternity cover

    Maternity cover is available after 10 months’ membership.

    Maternity and childbirth

    We pay up to GBP 7,200 / USD 12,250 / EUR 9,000 each membership year.

    Childbirth at home

    We pay up to GBP 780 / USD 1,300 / EUR 975 each membership year.

    Medically essential Caesarean section

    We pay up to GBP 15,000 / USD 25,500 / EUR 18,750 each membership year.

    Complications of maternity and childbirth

    Paid in full.


    All treatment (including routine preventive care, check-ups and immunisations) required for the newborn during the first 90 days following birth, instead of any other benefit. Newborn care benefits do not apply for children born as a result of assisted reproduction techniques, ovulation induction treatment, born to a surrogate or who have been adopted, as these children can only join once they are 91 days old

    We pay up to GBP 90,000 / USD 150,000 / EUR 110,000 maximum benefit for all treatment received during the first 90 days following birth.

    Prosthetic devices

    We pay for a prosthetic device needed as part of your treatment. By this we mean an external artificial body part, such as a prosthetic limb or prosthetic ear. We will only pay for one prosthetic device per limb per adult, and we will pay for the initial and up to two replacement prosthetic devices per limb as required under the age of 16 years.

    The maximum benefit we will pay towards a prosthetic device is GBP 2,400 / USD 4,000 / EUR 3,000


    Treatment in the form of a combination of therapies such as physical, occupational and speech therapy aimed at restoring full function after an acute event such as a stroke.

    We pay in full for up to 30 days of treatment each membership year, either when this is received in hospital or on an out-patient basis

    Transplant services

    We pay medical expenses if you need to receive a cornea, small bowel, kidney, kidney/pancreas, liver, heart, lung or heart/lung transplant. We also pay for bone marrow transplants.

    Transplant services are paid in full

    Kidney dialysis

    We pay for kidney dialysis - provided as In-patient, day-case or as on out-patient

    Paid in full

    Optional benefits

    USA cover

    If this option is purchased, you gain access to our US Service Partner’s national network of hospitals, clinics and medical practitioners. Our Service Partner will help you arrange treatment within this network.

    Please note that all treatment must be pre-authorised, so contact us first to get peace of mind.

    Dental treatment

    Our dental treatment option covers: - 100 percent of preventive treatment (such as check-ups, X-rays, scale and polishing). - 80 percent of routine treatment (such as fillings, extractions and root canal therapy). - 50 percent of major restorative (such as crowns, bridges or implants) . - 50 percent of orthodontic treatment of overbite or underbite etc, up to the age of 19. Before receiving any dental treatment, please contact us via the MembersWorld website or call us on +44 (0) 1273 333 911 to ensure the costs will be covered by your plan.

    We pay up to GBP 1,200 / USD 2,000 / EUR 1,500 each membership year.

    Assistance cover (evacuation and repatriation)

    Evacuation – if the treatment you need is not available locally, we will arrange for you to be evacuated to the nearest centre of medical excellence, no matter where you are in the world. Repatriation – our highest level of assistance cover gives you the choice of returning to your home country (if treatment is not available locally) to be treated in familiar surroundings, near your family and friends.

    Eligible costs associated with evacuation and repatriation services are paid in full.

    Medical history disregarded

    Companies with more than 10 employees can ask for the medical history of their employees to be disregarded. Simply tell us when you apply for cover and we'll let you know how much it costs.

    Tailored for companies with 100 members plus

    If you need to cover a group of 100 members or more, we can tailor a policy to suit your exact requirements.

    Contact us

    To discuss your needs, please call us on:

    +44 (0) 1273 805 652

    Calls may be recorded and monitored

    The Bupa Global difference

    Over 40 years of medical expertise and dedication to health. A global team of advisers and health experts who, between them, speak multiple languages – and a service that exceeds expectations. These are just a few of the things that make Bupa Global different. Explore how we provide you with world-class cover and stand apart from the rest.