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When you want to provide a high and premium level of cover, our business health plans are designed for those wanting the highest level of cover and service available within Bupa. Based on our medical experience, we've designed our range of health plans to make giving each of your employees the right level of cover as easy as can be – with a range of benefits to cover the mind as well as body.

With this simple tiered range, we are offering more than just insurance: we also look out for your employees’ all-round health with a number of wellness services. Our global business health plans are tiered by clear trade-up benefits, making it easy for businesses to find the right health plan for their employees.

We offer specialised options to tailor the plans to suit your business’s individual needs, such as:

• Preventative, routine and restorative dental and optical care
• Cover for your employees if they need treatment while travelling to the U.S.
• Co-insurance options for outpatient care, to help you stay in control of costs

But all of our world class business health plans offer the exceptional high level of service we are renowned for, along with cover for:

  • In-hospital care
  • Medical evacuation, so if emergency treatment isn’t available locally, we’ll get your employee (and a close relative, as needed) to where it is
  • Treatment for cancer and other serious illnesses, for as long as needed whilst they are a customer
  • Hereditary, congenital and chronic conditions
  • Transplants and rehabilitation
  • Obesity surgery, after 24 months as a customer and subject to eligibility

If your business is registered in the UK, you can get an indicative quote online below.

If your business is based outside the UK, or if you’d like to discuss your needs over the phone, call us on +44 (0) 1273 208 200

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When it comes protecting your business’s greatest asset – your employees – it makes sense to give them healthcare that helps them to stay healthy and also gets them back to their best when they’re ill or facing a serious health condition.

Going further for your employees is a very attractive benefit and could make all the positive difference to your business.

Recruiting the right talent to take your business forward

Impact on the wellbeing, motivation and positivity of your employees

Aiming to improve sickness rates

Choose the right level of cover

Select from the four levels of cover below to see a comparison of features and benefits

Business Select

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Annual Limit: £2 million

Coverage: Worldwide excl. U.S.

In-hospital care
Medical evacuation
Cancer treatment
Obesity surgery (after 2 years, subject to eligibility)
Hereditary, congenital and chronic conditions
Transplants and rehabilitation
Optional U.S. cover, if purchased

Business Premier

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Annual Limit: £3 million

Coverage: Worldwide excl. U.S.

The benefits of Business Select, plus:

Out-patient treatment
Family doctor visits
Maternity (after 10 months)
Wellbeing and health screening (after 1 year)
Prescribed drugs and dressings
Optional U.S. cover and optical and dental, if purchased

Business Elite

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Annual Limit: £6 million

Coverage: Worldwide excl. U.S.

The benefits of Business Premier, plus:

More out-patient consultations and family doctor visits
Maternity paid in full (after 10 months)
Medical repatriation
Prescribed drugs and dressings paid in full
Optional U.S. cover and optical and dental, if purchased

Business Ultimate

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No annual limit

Coverage: Worldwide

The benefits of Business Elite, plus:

Hospital suite accommodation
Non-medical evacuation
Rehabilitation in a health resort
Genetic cancer screening
Dental and optical (including refractive eye surgery)
U.S. cover

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Why Bupa Global is the right business partner for you

Transparent and easy to understand tiered plans, with a clear trade-up benefits
Option to adapt to your specific needs, circumstances and budget
Easy to manage securely online in minutes
All plans offer Bupa's exceptional level of service and great benefits