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Executive Summary Dashboard

Your dashboard for your Bupa Global community rated (SME) groups

We’ve been speaking to you, our Brokers, in recent months and you told us that you’d like access to additional information to allow you to better manage your clients.

To express our partnership and dedication to continuous improvement, we’ve taken on board that feedback and are pleased to announce the release of the Executive Summary Dashboard, available from July. It is simple, easy to use, and aims to provide all essential information at a glance.

The two-page dashboard highlights key demographic and claims information to enable meaningful conversations and enable stronger partnerships between you and your clients, and Bupa Global.

SME dashboard for brokers
SME dashboard for brokers

Figures presented are not real; they are for demonstration purposes only

A few things to note:

There is a privacy minimum requirement of 30 members or more in order to access the dashboard, and it is available for Bupa Global plans including company and business healthcare plans.

If you’re interested in receiving these reports or not sure if your clients are eligible, please speak to your Client Manager.

We’ve developed this report in response to your requests, so we want to ensure it meets your needs. So, when you start using the report if you’ve any feedback we’d love to hear it – please contact your Client Manager to share your thoughts. This is your dashboard; we want to ensure it works for you.