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Global Virtual Care

Bupa Global's telemedicine service

At Bupa Global, we know how important it is for our customers to get the healthcare they need, when they need it. So, in addition to the worldwide, world-class network of doctors and facilities available on their health plan, we’ve teamed up with Advance Medical to bring them ‘Global Virtual Care’ – a new smartphone app that provides confidential* access to international doctors by telephone or video call.

With Global Virtual Care, customers can speak to a doctor at a time that suits them, without worrying about work, holidays or family commitments. And because consultation notes are stored securely on the app, they’re ready to share with their regular family doctor next time they visit.

Key features

At the touch of a button, Global Virtual Care provides customers with access to:

  • A global network of doctors, via phone or video
  • Medical guidance and consultations (for non-medical emergencies), to help customers better understand their symptoms
  • Same-day virtual appointments, available 24/7
  • Multiple language options
  • Consultation notes sent directly to their phone
  • Prescriptions and referral letters (subject to local regulations)

How do customers get the app?

Global Virtual Care app is available from the App store and Google Play.

Once downloaded, customers can log in using their MembersWorld login email address and password. Dependants under the age of 16 are automatically added to the primary policy-holder’s account.

Please note: We are currently unable to offer the app to Bupa Global customers (formerly known as 'ihi Bupa') who manage their health plan via MyPage (customers with a membership number in this format: 9876543-XXXX). However, these customers can still enjoy the benefits of our Global Virtual Care service. They simply need to call their usual customer service number.

All regions except Asia Pacific: +45 70230042

Asia Pacific region: +852 2531 8505

One of our Service team will take the customer’s details and pass the request through to Advance Medical who will arrange a call back from a doctor within the next 24 hours.

Please note we are unable to offer a scheduled appointment or call back at a specific time, if requested by the customer.


Policy holders who are aged 16 years and above will be required to request their own consultation. Main policy holders can request a remote consultation for any dependants under the age of 16 years old enrolled on the policy.

How can we support you?

We have a range of assets to help your customers learn more about the Global Virtual Care app including a flyer, introductory presentation and an FAQ document. Speak to your Bupa Global representative to find out more.

Other health & benefit tools available from Bupa Global

Global Virtual Care extends our health and wellbeing offering. Don’t forget, your SME and Corporate customers already have access to:

  • Second medical opinion: the opportunity to get another opinion from a leading international specialist. This service is available to all customers looking for confidence and peace of mind in their medical diagnosis at no extra cost.
  • Bupa Family Plus (formerly ‘Bupa Due Date Plus’): supporting customers from the early stages of pregnancy, through the important milestones of their child’s development and into teen years.
  • Wellbeing Quiz: our short Wellbeing Quiz will help customers to understand and measure their overall wellbeing and create a personalised report with a range of suggestions to help them live a longer, healthier, happier life

*Confidential and/or identifiable information which employees discuss with Advance Medical will not be shared with Bupa Global or their employer if applicable (Advance Medical will only share aggregated or de-identified information to help Bupa Global monitor and improve the programme and for reporting purposes). However, permission may be asked to review employees’ personal data in the event that they have made a complaint or specific query that they would like to discuss with Bupa Global. Bupa Global will never review their data without explicit consent. For further information on how Advance Medical processes personal data please see Advance Medical’s privacy policy For further information on how Bupa Global will process personal data in the event that a complaint has been made or specific query that the employee may wish to discuss with Bupa Global, please see Bupa Global’s privacy policy

Global Virtual Care and Second Medical Opinion are provided by Advance Medical, a Teladoc Health Company, and Bupa Family Plus is provided by Wildflower Health Inc – all companies are service providers for Bupa Global.

Bupa Global is not responsible for any actions or omissions carried out by this third party in the provision of these services. Global Virtual Care, Second Medical Opinion and Bupa Family Plus are not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, the Prudential Regulation Authority or the Central Bank of Ireland.