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Second Medical Opinion Service

Our customers can have a second medical opinion at no extra cost.

We give all our members access to a world-class service from Advance Medical, a Teladoc Health Company (Teladoc) that offers them a review of their diagnosis by an expert in the relevant field.

Teladoc is an independent organisation that specialises in providing medical opinions from the world’s leading experts.

The service is designed to help with queries including:

  • what does my diagnosis mean?
  • is my diagnosis correct?
  • is the proposed treatment correct?
  • is there more information available about my condition?
  • is there an alternative treatment that would be better for me?
  • Any member can access this service via their personalised website, MembersWorld, or by calling our general enquiries line (+44 (0) 1273 323 563) and speaking to one of our advisers.

    Our advisers will assess the case, and then pass details on to Teladoc. If appropriate they will assign a doctor to contact you to discuss your case in more detail. If required, the doctor will help to gather all the relevant information, including tests, scans and reports.

    Your details will be reviewed by one or more leading experts in the field, and a report is compiled which reviews your diagnosis and treatment plan. If any changes are recommended, the report is discussed with your treating doctor. And because this is all done by correspondence, you don’t have to travel anywhere to get your second opinion.

    Providing access to this service is just one of the ways we go further for our members.

    Second Medical Opinion FAQs

    Frequently asked questions about our second medical opinion service

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